That #BloggerLife — Getting Outlet-Free with Everik's LifeSaver III!

That #BloggerLife — Getting Outlet-Free with Everik’s LifeSaver III!

Alright gang, let’s be real for  moment — most phones suck these days.

My Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t even 2 years old yet and it lags, it freezes, it restarts on its own when it feels like it… our technology’s disposable as soon as we take it out of the box. When the Trolls and I hit Buffalo last year in the days before fitting my Galaxy SIII with a Mophie case, I quickly discovered that using my GPS alone to get us there dropped my battery to 25%, and I spent the rest of the day struggling. The food court power outlets at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara turned out to just be for show; I dined at Grover’s while eyeing my phone plugged into the nearby wall; and was left hanging by myself while waiting for a table at the Walden Galleria’s Cheesecake Factory, huddled to a power source so I could get my Twitter on… I vowed never to wind up in that helpless situation again. My phone is my lifeline, and I can’t fear that I’ll wind up juiceless on the road when I find killer content I need to share.

Good thing that Everik’s LifeSaver III made sure I didn’t have to.

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The Months of 'Ber — On Leave (Banner)


One of my day job’s benefits is the recognized value of both parents getting to spend some quality time with their newborn kid. With the quirks of my office job seemingly a world behind me, we’ve packed more in mere days than I would in most months, with many adventures due in the coming weeks!

And when I’m not lobbying for my #1 Dad award, I’m chipping away at the #BloggerLife.

Of To-Do Lists and Immense Efforts — The 2014 #BloggerLife So Far

The Months of 'Ber — On Leave — My Son Playing With Paper

I started 2014 ambitiously. With a son still quite immobile and without the complications of things like day care or shoving foreign objects into his mouth, I dreamt of a life where I could rock the day job, be an awesome father, and still run my #BloggerLife with content that’d change the world!

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The Great Social Media Story- Life Beyond Blogging (Banner)



It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down by the notepad and laid my soul bare for the blog. I’ve hustled immensely through the summer, but now that we’re closing 2014 out with The Months of Ber, I’m finally able to see the forest from the trees and take stock of my life.

Life Beyond Blogging — This is my life now.

Blogging’s fallen from grace as my preferred activity du jour — I’ve been rediscovering my long-abandoned artistic side and trying to take the mélange of my life and build it into something amazing. I’ve seen so many of my fellow bloggers fade into obscurity as other priorities wrest control — some would argue it’s all part of growing up; you either transform blogging from a hobby to a job, or you eventually just… quit.

I mean, what blogger simply writes words on a screen and calls it a day in 2014? Blogging today involves photography, slaving over edits in post-production to get the look, add the watermarks, tag all the metadata possible. It involves social media strategy, recognizing that no two platforms are alike, so you craft different messages for each of your audiences, all the while looking for opportunities to grow where countless others are trying to do the very same thing. It involves branding and advertising, packaging everything you stand for into something digestible so people get you when they come across your site, and not write you off as just someone who gets free stuff to write.

But a year of fatherhood changed my perspective, my goals and my priorities — where once I strove to take the crown as the best blogger in Toronto, clearly crushing the craft with every piece of content I put out, for me, the free swag and luxury trips don’t gleam the way they used to. You can’t come home roaring drunk from brand-sponsored parties when you have to wake up and take care of your kid the next morning. You can’t run from place to place on a media trip and uproot your child’s routine and expect them to be okay. With major life changes, you adjust to the new challenges. You figure out what makes you tick.

You discover what’s actually important to you.

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The Ontario College of Teachers (Banner)

The Ontario College of Teachers — Making Sure You Leave Your Kids in Good Hands!

I’d argue that much of my success in life thus far is due to being a by-product of Ontario’s diverse schooling system. While I’d attend 6 different schools before spending some time in the world of post-secondary, the culture and curriculum surrounding an education where everyone’s vying for top spot laid the groundwork for the way I see the world today.

But 50 years from now when I’m old and grey (if I’m lucky enough to still have hair…), reminiscing on the life I’ve had and the milestones in it, I doubt it’s the culture and curriculum I’ll remember. I won’t remember the marks I got on projects nor the hours I put into my work to keep up. I won’t remember who I worked with in group assignments or the various feedback comments left on my report cards.

What I will remember, though, are the teachers and how important some of them were in shaping me into who I am today.

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Swiffer Ultimate Man Clean Kit (Banner)

Casey Palmer x Swiffer. Helping Giving “Man Clean” the Rep it DESERVES.

“Ain’t nobody dope as me; I’m just so fresh, so clean!”

— OutKast, “So Fresh So Clean”, Stankonia (2000)

This is your house on parenthood.

Following a weekend church retreat to picturesque Muskoka Lakes where Walmer Road Baptist Church’s congregation studied The Word, found peace in tranquil nature, and connected with those they wouldn’t normally chat with otherwise… all was not well in Casa de Palmer.

A restful weekend in the woods it was not for the recently-expanded Palmer family, with new surroundings, smells and sounds driving their infant son to crying fits well into the wee hours of the morning. Sneaking naps in through the weekend while they swapped off on parenting duties, it was all they could do to survive and muster the energy to drive the hours back home to where things made sense.

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