10 Random Things, Volume 1

Last updated on March 23rd, 2021 at 10:37 pm

Unlike the 10 Things You May Not Know About Me, this is just stuff that’s been on my mind as of late:

  1. Who do I have to sleep with to get a good deal on a camera lens? I’m not paying $2500 for a Canon EF 2.8L II USM. Guess I’ll need to wait until Henry’s next Exposure Show and see what deals they have (or check out used lens deals across the city).
  2. Paying $600 return to Las Vegas for BiSC is something that drives me insane when I paid $750 return to fly to Tanzania just last year. Currently exploring standby options and waiting on my haunches for something better to come along! Fortunately, Graham has some good suggestions for this.
  3. If I could find the time to learn how to play the drums, I totally would.
  4. Infinite Cables—a Canadian equivalent to Monoprice—may very well be my new favourite thing.
  5. To switch things up, I joined The Scintilla Project—a two-week blogging project focusing on storytelling. Hopefully, it’ll have me explore some parts of myself that I haven’t visited in a while. [pause]
  6. I don’t know whether anyone’s noticed, but I’ve taken a short break from putting Man Lessons out—I’ve been working at taking all my Mansformation ideas and committing to getting an actual website launched by mid-April.
  7. Just bought tickets for a National Geographic show at Roy Thomson Hall; learning from other photographers—especially the extreme ones—can really add to how you pursue your own compositions.
  8. I think we decided that we might finally trek out to San Francisco sometime this year—it’s been on my list since forever, and it didn’t take our friends very much to convince us to go.
  9. Some days I write and wonder if the Age of the Blog is gone and dead. I see things like RebelMouse and wonder whether our attention spans have grown so short that we rather consume bite-sized pieces of information and not focus on an entire argument or discussion.
  10. I’m weird and old school. If I want to do my best writing and editing, I need to do it on paper. I am the worst enemy of forests everywhere.
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14 replies on “10 Random Things, Volume 1”

Re: #10. The trees have devised the ultimate payback for anyone who perfers to handle paper. The dreaded paper cut! Mother Nature’s way to have little ‘haha’ on you. 😉

HA! You’re very likely right on that one, Vicki 🙂 Can’t say I’ve had one in QUITE some time, but you never know when they’ll sneak up on you and then there’s NOTHING you can do about it 🙂

Thanks for the visit 🙂

Thanks for dropping by, Mich 🙂

One of the awesome things about living in Toronto is the variety of experiences that’re made available to us! It’s something I try to never take for granted =/

I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes!

You guys totally need to go to San Francisco. It’s awesome!!

BTW, I write a lot on paper too. Most of my best blog posts begin with a draft in my journal first.

It’s totally in the cards 🙂 I look forward to finally hitting it up!

Yeah, I don’t know what I’d do without Moleskines. You’ll see me carrying them wherever we go when we’re in Vegas 🙂


You’re looking at the 24-70? Nice lens – I hear. My friend/photographer is ALWAYS getting awesome deals on Kijiji, Craigslist and ebay. I’m lazy and just pay what they ask at Henry’s.

Seeing as how I’m never taking my gear in to the shop or anything like that, perhaps I should just go that route. I’m really trying to decide what the next lens will be — a macro lens for all the food photography I do? A 24-70 fast lens for all the events I do? Or perhaps a wide-angle prime for that very same purpose?

This photography stuff. It’s intense, Ardean!!!

It’s WAY intense. Once you’re in – your swimming in the deep end.
Hmm… can’t really go wrong with the 24-70 for events. I don’t do any food photography – so have no clue where to even start for lens choices there. I’m happy enough with the lens(es) I have, all except 1 that I’m trying to figure out how to use – or whether I should just get rid of it.

You can say THAT again. Which is the one you’re trying to figure out? With food photography, I’m currently using my 50mm 1.4 (which I’d eventually improve with an L-series version), and it does well enough while I work at figuring out how to continually make my photos better 🙂

I bought the 17-40 f4 (trying to get around the price of the 24-70). But I just don’t ‘see’ with it, as I typically shoot wide (1.8) the majority of the time/love fast primes – my fav lens being the 85 1.8.

I have the 50 1.4, which I like, but I really use the 85mm 90% of the time. LOVE that lens/perfect for portraiture. I have the 70-200 f4 which i like too and is great outdoors in good light and I have the space to use it. I love the 70-200 f2.8 IS of course – but that thing is a beast and I can’t see myself walking around with it – I’ve been spoiled with the light primes.

It’s hard to say whether I’d miss the speed of 1.4, but my fear with an 85 would be missing out on so much of the stuff that’s within the shorter range! I suppose that since going out for food is such a constant part of my life, the 50mm is the one for me?

I’m thinking that I wouldn’t do a lot of distance shooting — I’m currently with a 18-200 3.5-5.6, and would look to use the 24-70 2.8 as my main instead.

I think the Lens Fairy just needs to come drop off some new lenses. I’m no good at making decisions!

#2 is annoying… MEH!
#6 I had noticed but, thought “Shit be Cray” so I didn’t want to ask, unless you wanted to talk about it. LOL… Fun times
#9 Not sure if this is the Case, Case… 😀 Blogs will continue because some of us LOVE to do it. Then again, will the reason for their popularity shift?
I think there is a bigger question here… Is there a larger shift in social media happening, new tools replacing old ones? Possibly a shift in the influencer – who they are – where they are – What they talk about? Again… Meh… Just keep doing what you love.

#10 I’ve found this to be an odd fact about you… lol 😀

Heh, thanks as always for replying, Chris 🙂

I did some more thinking on #9 today, and I think what I’m noticing is something else altogether. Perhaps it’s specific to Toronto, but we don’t have someone that’s REALLY done a blog with true global reach that I can think of. Someone who we could say is “the face of Toronto”. We have smaller circles and the “popular kids” in each of these, but no real “thought leaders”. No niche that screams “OMG TORONTO HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER”.

Perhaps this is where my thinking’s coming from?

We’ll see — I feel that something shall happen in 2013 and change the face of this city; I just don’t know what it is yet.

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