#100HappyDays — Day 11 — Sliders @ the Two Bite Saloon

#100HappyDays — Day 11 — Sliders @ The Two Bite Saloon

Five kinds of sliders here — Beef burger (prime chuck topped with mustard, tomato and house pickles); Pulled Pork (smoked, pulled, tossed in house BBQ, and topped with slaw); Fried Chicken; Pork Belly and Sausage.

I’d posted this yesterday on my Instagram for my #100HappyDays post, but it’s hard to get a blog together when you’re at a bar for some good times with friends. Fortunately, Tiff knows her spots and the Two Bite Saloon was an amazing place to catch up with a stellar crew that Justin put together.

It was a good night — one of my rare ones out now that I’m a family man — so in a world where every social moment counts, it was good that the night was a great one!

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#100HappyDays Day 11/100 — delicious!

–case p.

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