#100HappyDays — Day 12 — Sticky Coke and Bourbon Ribs @ The Wren!

#100HappyDays — Day 12 — Sticky Coke and Bourbon Side Ribs at The Wren

Ribfest II — ½ rack of sticky coke and bourbon pork side ribs with creamy tangy slaw and fries — $18

Today was date night, and we hit up a regular spot — The Wren, a southwestern spot on the Danforth that serves up some great food, including experimental daily specials!

I got the sticky coke and bourbon side ribs with fries, a massive portion that needed to come home with me, because my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

We also found out that our regular server, Zach from Detroit, was pretty familiar with our faces since we were one of his first tables when it first opened over a year ago, going back steadily since 🙂

Meat, booze and a beautiful wife? What more could I ask for?

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#100HappyDays Day 12/100 complet!

–case p.

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