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#HouseOfCardsAgainstHumanity x #PinkShirtDay x #WeLoveKatie

#100HappyDays, Day 16

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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 09:23 pm

Talk to enough of my friends, and you’ll eventually hear dubious claims that I was born with a horseshoe lodged into my posterior.

Sure, I may win a few things. Okay, some kind of major. And sometimes, I’m just lucky enough to see a tweet advertising a contest ending in a few hours for a Cards Against Humanity expansion for House of Cards.

But winning’s not everything—there’s an entire world out there, and being aware of what’s going on is just as important of trying to run your own life. Today was Pink Shirt Day, a day dedicated to the fight against bullying, and my fellow bloggers at PTPA were all about dressing in pink to show our support!

But bullying comes in many forms, and in the fight to help a blogger win against a former employer who’s really making her life hell, some friends have started a Bloggers 4 Bloggers initiative to help her through her legal woes. For $25, you get:

  • Transition Made Easy by Ashley @ YourSuperAwesomeLife.com ($49 value!)
  • Blog Babe: A Toolkit for Brilliant Bloggers by Stephanie @ stylingsandstories.com ($47 value!)
  • Productivity Email Series by Cristina @ CMR Strategies.com ($50 value!)
  • ‘Let’s Do This’ Art Print by Ciera @ CieraDesign.com ($20 value!)
  • A PDF copy of #$@%ing Read Me, a novel by Peter @ Peter DeWolf.com ($11.99 value!)
  • A $5 Discount by Katherine at purekatherine.etsy.com ($5 off of any purchase over $10)
  • DIY SEO for Beginner Bloggers by Temmy @ mysmallbusinessbranding.com ($14.99 value!)
  • A free a la cart design by Jenn @ Jennbizzle Designs
  • ‘Keep Looking’ Art Print by Jenn @ Jennbizzle Designs
  • From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-care Into a Way of Life by Hannah @ BecomingWho|YouAre.net ($14.99 value!)
  • Discount for voice-overs by Mikael @ VibraVoice.com
  • My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide by Andrea @  AndreaGenevieve.com ($14.95 value!)

So, if you want to help someone out and get your hands on some cool stuff for a sweet price, definitely check it out!

#100HappyDays Day 16/100 c’est fini!

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