The 2015 100, Part 1—The List

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This year’s list of 100 goals turned out grossly different from I’d originally imagined. Technically, I finished the list on December 31st, trying to build something more reasonable than my 2013 list, of which I completed only 33, or my 2014 list, not much better at 40. In 2015, I approached it with a better understanding of my reality’s cornerstones, knowing not to expect too much travel that wasn’t family travel, or to avoid having too many goals that took me away from my home. But more than that, I learned over the past couple of years that it’s difficult for others to visualize my goals, with previous lists lacking the context to understand where I was coming from.

That in mind, I tried my hand at writing out the reasons why each item was so important to me. I thought it’d be a nice touch, giving a sentence or so to show what’s behind the things that drive me.

But sentences became paragraphs and paragraphs miniature posts, leaving me here most of the way through January without a list of 100 goals anywhere in sight.

And that’s when I remembered something Craig once mentioned of my 2014 #FordNAIAS wrap-up post—I’m a great writer, but much of what I shove into these long, epic posts, I could convert into post series that grab people a lot better.

So for the first of my posts for The 2015 100, let’s start it simply—with a list. 100 items I’d like to do in some shape or form over the rest of this year, much of which I’ll continue talking about through the process.

I hope you continue to come back and see how it’s doing—even though the list is far more realistic, it doesn’t mean I’m trying to do anything short of what I always do… try to lead an exceptional life!

The list is below for anyone interested!

See you at the next post,

–case p.

Short Term

1. Try more beers
2. Finish updating my LinkedIn
3. Get back to drinking more water
4. Restore the old files I need from my old MacBook Pro’s hard drive
5. Get a new vacuum for my car
6. Get my G licence
7. Formalize as a business
8. Sell my spare lenses on Kijiji
9. Spend less time writing, more time living!
10. Finish “31 Things I Know Now That I’m 31”
11. Return Roam Mobility’s gear to them since I don’t see myself hitting the US in 2015
12. Change my life insurance mailing address from my parents’ to mine
13. Transfer my TD RSP from my expired staff RSP account
14. Find a winter jacket with a removable outer shell for the kiddo
15. Get the @CaseP Instagram account
16. Update my kid’s photo on my desk
17. Replace our over-the-range microwave
18. Find time to fit the 7-minute workout into my life
19. Get new casual shoes
20. Get more stylish socks to match with my outfits
21. Be more punctual
22. Listen to Serial
23. Get precision screwdrivers that can handle internal MacBook components
24. Have more date nights
25. Visit both parents more often and have them babysit overnight
26. Develop better strategies behind my spending habits (Shoppers Optimum, Air Miles, etc)
27. Read more
28. Get rid of my old scanner
29. Purge the old tech and cables I no longer need
30. Find somewhere to buy cheap notebooks in bulk
31. Shoot more video
32. Be nicer
33. Return Justin’s htc one to him or get it sold

Medium Term

34. Create my marketing kit for
35. Finish cleaning up Walmer’s old sound files
36. Update my social media branding
37. Clean out the eavestroughs
38. Get a new tripod system
39. Finish “25 Reasons Your Blog is BLAH!!!”
40. Read my candygrams from high school
41. Clean the garage out
42. See about getting my leather coat mended at Harry Rosen
43. Start interviewing people for my podcast, tentatively titled “Chats with CaseP”
44. Get handmade stockings for Sarah and the kiddo
45. Get a new smartphone
46. Look into getting the dishwasher cleaned out
47. Order a package of World Finest Chocolate’s Mint Meltaways. JUST ONE.
48. File my receipts away in Home Inventory to link them to their associated merchandise
49. Create a RAID-ed NAS to protect my data
50. Create more visual content
51. Build an emergency preparedness kit
52. Improve my puzzling skill
53. Do something awesome for 7-15-15
54. Do more photo shoots
55. Either landscape or learn to plant a real garden
56. Get the backyard fence fixed
57. Dress better
58. Clean out all the junk I still have at my parents’ house
59. Show up in more photos
60. Get to know the families behind the Moms Sarah’s befriended through 2014
61. Find time to sit down with family and hear more family stories
62. Get a new wallet
63. Go hit up the Calgary Stampede
64. Mentor more youth in need of guidance
65. Give out more business cards
66. Find a cool ornament for the kiddo’s 3rd Christmas

Long Term

67. Get more experimental with photography
68. Learn to cook
69. Clear out my movie/TV to-watch list
70. Make stronger relationships at church
71. Pare down the wardrobe… again
72. Convert my 200 blog drafts to published posts
73. Get my hands on some AMAZING earbuds to finally replace my Shure SE535s
74. Finish inventorying my home
75. Put up Xmas lights
76. Go to a Toronto Maple Leafs game
77. Write Christmas cards for friends, family and neighbours
78. Evolve
79. Buy a new winter jacket
80. Get a photographer to work with me at events so I’m not so “invisible” on my blog
81. Put Sarah’s gift together after all these years
82. Finish remodelling my old content to integrate with the new site
83. Learn to create cool stuff in Wolfram|Alpha Mathematica
84. Clean up the music collection
85. Find more time for sleep
86. Buy a full-frame camera body
87. Clean out the crawl space
88. Get a new vacuüm cleaner, preferably a Miele
89. Invest in a Vita-Mix
90. Get a high-speed negative scanner
91. Get a high-speed photo scanner
92. Replace my iPad 2 with an iPad Air 2 (or really, any iPad with Bluetooth 4)
93. Get a Wacom Fineline stylus for my iPad Air 2
94. Finish Brandgasm 101
95. Finish the Audience Business Masterclass
96. Make AWESOME.
97. Convert all the paper in my desk into proper items on my website
98. Write shorter posts with greater impact
99. Look at getting the fireplace fixed
100. End the year with empty email inboxes


  • Attend a Dad 2.0 Summit
  • Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
  • Go to SXSW
  • Talk at a TED Talk
  • Go to Moses Znaimer’s Idea City
  • See more of Canada
  • Create Fish ‘n’ Chimps
  • Pursue more public speaking opportunities

By Casey E. Palmer

Husband. Father. Storyteller.

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey Palmer the Canadian Dad spend his free time in pursuit of the greatest content possible.

Thousand-word blog posts? Snapshots from life? Sketches and podcasts and more—he's more than just a dad blogger; he's working to change what's expected of the parenting creators of the world.

It's about so much more than just our kids.

When Casey's not creating, he's busy parenting, adventuring, trying to be a good husband and making the most of his life!

Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.

2 replies on “The 2015 100, Part 1—The List”

You know CP, I love reading your posts. So kudos on writing engaging content. As someone who endeavoured to complete a similar list last year, I found recruiting friends and family to join in the fun a great way to ensure greater completion. My superwonderful wife was instrumental in helping me achieve my greatest TO DO items, like “Meet a Coronation Street Actor.” Good luck Brosef. I know you can do everything on this list! Let ME know how I can help!

Mr. Tome! A happy (belated) new year to you, sir, and your family — and of course, thanks for the comment 🙂

You’re right. No one is an island, and as much as I’ve tried to do everything by myself in the past, I’m learning more with time that it’s just not the best way to go about it.

I’ll be honest — after sitting on the list for a few weeks, I need to take another look at it to see what wacky ways I can think of to accomplish it all, but I appreciate the support. If the opportunity arises, I know how to find you (in a non-creepy way), and will definitely drop a line!

Congrats on your successes, and I hope you continue getting those things checked off of the life list!

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