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  1. 14 – I can’t do it. I tried narrowing everything down to one or two notebooks but it made things worse
    17 and 92 can be the same thing. There’s people who do house visits.
    26 – on my list and my wife’s list. Want to keep things clean shaven. The hint was dropped with a shaving kit under the Christmas tree
    33- https://youtu.be/Hzx8KHjQD6c?t=24s
    34 -no faster, doesn’t look as good.
    84 – There’s come good books written for kids
    97 – I’d love to do some photowalks. Think that’d be a great way to explore.

    My list won’t be 100, but I’ve got to get my stuff together a little better in 2016

    • 14 — totally possible, though! I have a literal pile of work here (which I’ve probably mentioned to you a bajillion times like a broken record), but having it all in physical form has made it way easier for me to figure out where my thoughts are overlapping and start consolidating things into a master copy that captures all the thoughts. It won’t be a simple process, but I’ll gradually work at it through 2016 ????

      17/92 – not a bad idea with getting massages at home. Lord knows I’ll need to save on time where possible. A few friends have assured us that they’ll still babysit, even with two kids, so hey. We’ll figure this out! ????

      26 – Yeah, I just need to be less lazy. I’d like to find a great #43 to help out, though, so we’ll see!

      33 – See, you get me.

      34 – The story of how The 2016 100 became The 2016 99.

      84 – Yeah, we have some, but I think even the ones we have are still oriented to a slightly older demographic. It’s something I’ll look into some more.

      97 – I need to get over my reluctance to just shoot stuff in public — there’s so much out there; I just need to figure things out like release forms, etc.

      Thanks, sir — always appreciate what you bring to the table! And yeah, formalizing a list helps the world keep you accountable… for better or for worse!

  2. Well, I read your list, and it made me feel very tired. You could have saved a lot of bandwith by writing it this way:

    How To Build a Better Casey


    Nevertheless, I think I’ll write my own list. It will go something like this:

    Angelique’s Aims

    1. Do ALL THE THINGS. But not as many things as Casey. Because nobody can do as many things as Casey; that’s exhausting. Maybe a third of the things as Casey. Or possibly a quarter. Or just this one: Clean up my Pinterest account. Because I’ve already done it. WINNER!

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