2017 IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championship Countdown

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The 2016 IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championship came and went, Canada’s dreams of a golden repeat gone along with it. We still had the #AllHeartCanada hashtag (which won one lucky tweeter a trip to Finland to catch a game), which was not only used more than 12,000 times but also inspired TELUS to give $10,000 to the Hockey Canada Foundation to help support our future stars. Canadians were still glued to their TVs to see how Team Canada would fare in their trials abroad. Our nation still cheered as our under-2o men played the Helsinki out of the game overseas*, but it was nothing like having them here at home to see them show their opponents how to really own the ice!

It’s already been a little over a year since hockey fever last took over Toronto’s streets, and I can still remember what it was like sitting in the bleachers for Team Canada’s quarterfinal victory, only imagining what the electricity must’ve felt like in the air the moment those guys won gold.

While my family didn’t personally grow up with much hockey in the house, I learned to appreciate it a little more from friends who bled it through and through, rhyming stats and plays off like a second language. I know hockey’s no joke in this nation. If 2015 was any sign of how far this city’s willing to go to show Team Canada some love, I expect Toronto to go absolutely ballistic when the World Juniors come back at the end of the year!

You can’t win ’em all, that’s true, but that doesn’t give us any less reason to support our great athletes when they represent our country! There’s a long year ahead between now and the next time Team Canada hits the ice in their skate for the top, but when it comes, I hope to sit in the bleachers getting my cheer on, joining together with my fellow Canuckleheads to lead our boys right where they’re meant to be!

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–case p.

*The pun was sitting there waiting for me. I had to do it!

By Casey E. Palmer

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Our kids are now adults and out of organized hockey, but we were arena parents for a lot of years. Hubby coached too. Now we are happy to watch our Leafs on TV, albeit a lot of screaming at the tv. lol. Really enjoyed the Jr. games this year and wished Canada had gone further. Thanks for the giveaway.

Well I love hockey so much I got my favorite teams logo shaved onto my head one year to raise money for Cancer Research. So I guess i am a huge fan!

Our eldest grandson is hockey mad so we spend a lot of time at the arena on the weekends watching him play!

I’ve been watching Hockey since I can remember. Being from Victoria, there’s not much ice to play outside, but we do love it!

Hockey used to play a bigger role in my life but since we had our little one, I don’t really care for hockey as much as I used to…

My sons like Hockey so I watch it with them once in a while but that’s about it.

I’ve become a bigger hockey fan the last few years because my grandson LOVES to watch and play hockey. Our family has always enjoyed watching the Team Canada and Toronto Maple Leaf games and now we also enjoy the World Hockey games too.

Hockey is not a huge thing for me but my husband watches WHL games live and NHL on the tv most nights. We used to travel with my son when he was at home every weekend for hockey.

Hockey get friends and family together especially when rooting for your country.

hockey has always played a huge role in my life. I am the only girl (I have two brothers) so it was my way of bonding with my brothers and my dad because they were and are really big hockey fans. My husband as well LOVES hockey and everyone in my family cheers for a different team so it makes it that much more exciting

It would be great to win this 2015 IIHF World Juniors Team Canada swag.
In response to your question of
How large a role does hockey play in your life?
Hockey plays a small role in my life.
I like watching hockey on television but
i haven’t been to many hockey games.
I used to enjoy playing hockey with my friends but i haven’t done that in years.
Thank you for having this giveaway.

My husband and I love hockey. Big Halifax Moosehead (Nathan MacKinnon, Zach Fucale et al) fans. My favorite part about Christmas is the World Juniors!

It’s not that big a deal for me now that my own little hockey players are adults – but I did enjoy it back then and made some very good friends through hockey too. Now I get a thrill when I get to watch my grandson play 🙂

I really enjoy hockey! I watch it as often as I can and grew up playing it. My Father would always make a rink for my brothers and I in our backyard. It is such a fun sport to play and watch.

Hockey is the link that ties my family together – we watch it, argue it and celebrate it.

I’ve been watching the Canucks play since I was a kid and we do manage to go to a few games. My husband plays hockey once a week with a group of guys in their 30’s and 40’s — no young ones allowed:) Sometimes I go watch for a good laugh.

Hockey plays a huge role in my sisters life!! She wont talk to you when hockey is on.

I would love to win this and give it to my 9yr old son, he actually has a Tie Domi jersey, which he got from his 27yr old brother who used to wear it. He loves hockey and he loves the juniors. thanks for the chance to win

Hockey plays a big role in our family , we love hockey and my kids play and so do family members !

We are a huge hockey family! We love it and we don’t only love NHL we are obsessed with ohl. We love watching the players develop! In fact we have watched max domi play several times in person. And Curtis lazar now plays for our favourite NHL team, to say my family would love this is an understatement

I have a 2 year old and i’m excited to put him into hockey when he’s a bit bigger! It’s such a Canadian sport!

Hockey plays a big role as I love watching hockey and especially any of the Team Canada teams no matter what tournament they’re playing in.

Hockey plays a huge role, we never miss a game when our team or Team Canada play ever! My husband still plays in an old timers league, nieces and nephews play so no day goes by without it.

Big hockey fans since the days of Orr. Small town boy who bonded with father and grandfather on Saturday night watching HNIC.

My two boys were into hockey for many years and now they are grown and would still like to play! I really miss going to all of their games.

I do not like Hockey as much as I used too so I do not consider it important in my life.

Hockey is legitimately my life. As a kid I was a huge hockey fan, convinced my parents to let their “little girl” start playing at 12. It kept me out of drugs, it kept me out of drinking(much) because of the phrase “I can’t, I have hockey”. I have had a major struggle with a genetically passed on trait of clinical depression, if I didn’t have hockey, I probably wouldn’t be here typing away today. My boyfriend is a hockey FANATIC. Like reading articles, just getting off the ice “cant wait till i play hockey” kind. My dad was my coach and helped develop the kind of great relationship we have today 🙂

We really enjoy going to games and watching it on tv. Unfortunately no young ones of mine were ever in hockey

I miss playing hockey. The whole experience is something I’ll be forever grateful for. I can’t wait until my son starts playing! I’ll be happy to spend my nights and weekends in a freezing cold rink 🙂

i attend all my nephews games and take him to many practices they play all year long

Why am I way at the bottom of your Comment section?! I was born with skates on, or pretty darned close! With 3 strapping brothers and my Dad who played in University and was a hockey coach, yes I was part of the team where it didn’t matter how old you were or your gender, as long as you could skate from one end of our backyard rink to the other! And then hot chocolate and Saturday night hockey on TV!! It doesn’t get any better than that, except albeit your swag!! Now I guess I could say I may have started from the bottom, now I’m here! Thanks for the chance CP6ix! 🙂

Hockey is not huge in our house but we do watch the Juniors to support our home Country.