After a good night’s rest, I’m back to start hopefully making progress in this life of mine.

I ended out 2005 with getting a list of things out of the way that needed to get done, which is always a good feeling. With this year underway by 16 hours, I think it’s time to clear my head and start making some gradual changes.

There are things I’m coming to realize more and more as time passes.

  • I can’t help everyone or solve everything. I think that a part of the reason why I ended up dragging my heels so much in ’05 was the fact that I was always trying to help everyone and do everything as much as possible. It wasn’t dissimilar to how I was back in high school. But, that almost ruined me, and I need to ease back on that before it totally kills me.
  • Art. I could be doing a lot better with my creative side than I actually am. One of my new idols, Brian, has only been drawing for TWO YEARS, but has gotten to the point he’s at today due to drawing every day and constant perseverance. I need to improve. I know I do. This is the year to do it.
  • Ching ching. I spend more than should be permitted. I need to either cut back on spending, or find other sources of revenue. I intend to get all my debts paid off by the end of the year, which will take a lot of hard work. I think it can be done, though. Then maybe I’ll get a car in 2007 😊 (Yes, this is the same dude who said he’s been averse to driving, but recent conflicts with the local bus system have pissed me off to no end, and I need to really start thinking about things.)

Right, so 14 hours later, I think I’m ready to get this entry off of my Notepad and into my LJ. I’ll see if I can actually upkeep the journal this year, but I’m not going to stress myself over it.

Anyway, y’all behave yourselves.


–case p.

By Casey E. Palmer

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey‘s spent the last few decades in pursuit of creating killer content. From novels as a kid, comics as a teen, to blogs and photos once he could grow a beard, he’ll use whatever’s around him to create amazing stuff.

When he’s not creating, he’s parenting, exploring and trying to make life as awesome as possible for everyone around him.

Because a boring life’s not a life worth living!

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