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Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 11:08 am

Aiight, I came up with this earlier this morning while listening to Andre 3000’s “The Love Below” disc. Let me know what you think.

Verse One

First off…
Let me apologize for all members of the male gender
The things we do similar to mind-benders
The rationale’s missing and we can’t explain
Contradictory to our beliefs love’s more than a game
I didn’t know then what I’ve learned over time
The things I’d do if by chance a girl was mine
But it won’t happen soon, the bad boy’s in fashion
Girls don’t want a soulmate, it seems they just want action
So I finish last, ’cause I’m a nice guy
Ladies will miss me in the future, I’ll let you know why
I vow to never beat, cheat, I’ll try not to lie
I’ll worship your body like a temple, fall in love with your eyes
Massage you, wine and dine you, tuck you in
Stand up for you and call just to see what’s happenin’
I’d go beyond your expectations as an everyday phenomenon
The list of things I’d do for you—it just goes on and on
But this is a love poem to a girl I ain’t met yet
Why I’m not with anyone’s a problem I don’t get yet
But one day I know that love will locate my existence
In the form of a girl, it won’t face any resistance.

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