A quick message to the masses

What did I spend my day doing? Reading Mashable articles on how to develop an app and start a small business in the digital world and further develop my understanding of jQuery with the help of materials from Sitepoint.

I spent a wicked amount of energy on the Wolfram|Alpha contest I was in for the past week, so no major content for y'all today. Just the rumblings of a change in the wind.
I foresee storyboards, wireframes, flowcharts and list of ideas. 2011's going to get intense real quick.
I hope I figure out what the heck the 2K11 24/7 means, since I'm hoping to have a couple of weeks of guest posts in June 🙂 If you're interested this early on, please holla at your boy. i.e. moi.
And technically it's past midnight, so – Sarah? Happy third anniversary 🙂
I'm out, guys. See you tomorrow!
–case p.

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