A Time for Planning

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A Polarioid photo of Casey Palmer, circa 2002.
Casey Palmer, circa 2002, who confused “fresh to death” with “vest of death”. Hoo boy.

We need to keep life as interesting as possible, lest we lose the will to live life at all.

It sounds drastic, but it’s true. We get to January and all of a sudden, all the awesome that happened in December is long gone, leaving us with credit card bills, miserable weather, short days and dull routines. Life is so short and yet, without fail, we do this to ourselves every year, searching for something that can get our excitement levels back up.

This week was all work and planning. Planning communication strategies for my church. Planning out the future of Mansformation. Planning with financial planners to make sure that Sarah and I have a solid financial plan.

That’s a lot of planning, for someone who hates planning. But it’s all necessary in its own way, helping make way for bigger and better things later in the year!

Sometimes, though, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Changing our look. Putting a new skin on a phone. Or, in my case, working on checking items from a massive list.

Casey Palmer at Sakshi's birthday party.
There was that one party this past weekend…

To get you a little up to speed…

#5—Sell all the stuff I’ve meant to sell

This could also be listed a “give away all the stuff I’ve meant to give away”. I’ve had a problem with clutter for ages and ages—having too much crap in my life makes me less effective as a person. It makes me invest more time in finding things when they’re misplaced, or makes me use more energy to figure out how all the bits and pieces I have stashed away in the house can work better together.

So I’m working harder at saying bye-bye to anything that’s unnecessary! Some of the stuff I’ve decided to get rid of and find a better home include:

  • My collapsible, portable easel and paintbrushes which I sold to a friend taking a painting class
  • I’m sending a Flip Video UltraHD to a friend in the States in need of a decent video camera

More to come, since I still have some boxes of other stuff around the house!

#25—Get a local doctor and #26—Get a local dentist

After years of self-neglect due simply to the fact that my health care providers were too far for my liking, I finally put the paperwork through to move everything to Toronto from Mississauga! Appointments are scheduled this week and next, and if I’m lucky, I’ll come out of them a changed man!

#39—Get all the outstanding work off of my plate at the 9-to-5

With me wrapping my current role up on Valentine’s Day (of all days) due to an unexpected turn of events, this one should more or less wrap itself up nicely. A PowerPoint presentation here and an Excel workbook there should help me see the end of it and help me move on to some new challenges!

(Which is always good for me, since I lose steam if I’m working on the same thing for too long!)

#50—Read all my old yearbook signings and candygrams to get a better understanding of the journey I’ve travelled

The seal has officially been broken on the memory box, and I’ve already started reading through a lot of old stuff.

It’s always so surprising how many memories we can forget!!!

#53—Eat breakfast more often

Still working on refining my daily routine, but I’m getting a little better at making sure to stuff a pain au chocolat into my system—at the very least—to start my day!

#96—Take photos at Caribana

Casey Palmer at Caribana 2003 (or so).
2003 was an interesting year, where somehow I found myself in Caribana in all sorts of compromising pictures…

Looks like I’ve made some contacts who’ll make getting a Media Pass or Marshall’s badge far easier, so I’ll follow-up with them and make some magic happen!

#98—Carry less paper

I write my posts by hand first, and the more I get out, the more paper vanishes from my life and into the recycling bin! The plan? Keep writing and move to Moleskine notebooks and a system that’s a heckuva lot more compact! While I haven’t made it to the “Great Purge” yet, my backpack is definitely starting to get lighter!

So until the next time, remember—your character is truly determined by what you’re doing when people aren’t watching.

So why not do something you’ll be proud of?

The world will follow suit.

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

By Casey E. Palmer

Husband. Father. Storyteller.

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey Palmer the Canadian Dad spend his free time in pursuit of the greatest content possible.

Thousand-word blog posts? Snapshots from life? Sketches and podcasts and more—he's more than just a dad blogger; he's working to change what's expected of the parenting creators of the world.

It's about so much more than just our kids.

When Casey's not creating, he's busy parenting, adventuring, trying to be a good husband and making the most of his life!

Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.

6 replies on “A Time for Planning”

Hey Casey!

This is awesome. So glad you’re actually working on your list! Looks like you’ve crossed lots of it so far! Good for you!

I love that you’re going “back in time” to get a better understanding of your journey!

Good luck Case! Keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot, Chris 🙂 It keeps me busy, but I’m glad that progress is being made — I feel like there were a lot of fundamental parts of my life that I simply wasn’t looking after, so this is an improvement on where I may have been in 2012. Hopefully it all continues to improve!

Thanks for reading, as always!

I’m tempted to throw out A LOT of stuff in my room. I have 3 boxes that haven’t been opened since I moved 7 YEARS AGO! They’re just sitting there sealed. I don’t want to open them for fear of keeping what’s inside but I’m afraid if I chuck them I’ll regret it somehow.

The amount of stuff we can individually accumulate is RIDICULOUS.

But to solve your issue, sir:

Step 1 — Man up and open boxes
Step 2 — Go through them
Step 3 — Be FREE!

But to be fair, that box shown above WAS sealed for a decade or so, so hey. You’ve still got a few years!

I`m working on keeping it interesting, as i realized that when I`m not creating – I get sad. That also happens when I don`t walk. But ya, of my many lists (including the `Go Out list`- to get me out the house regularly), I have many other goal lists, of things to do. Just need to work on amalgamating them and putting them to action. I feel ya on the `stuff`issue too. I moved recently, so I was able to purge a lot of things – and in the continued process of `decorating` my place – I am still work on purging more stuff. Know anyone that would want a complete set of `Buffy`dvds? I love her, but I think I can part with them now… 🙂

LOL. Ardean, that’d take some asking around on the Buffy DVDs — I, too, am looking at paring down my media collection. Netflix has taken over much of my time spent viewing things, and my DVDs and video games have been neglected for who knows how long now. Time to really look at what I ACTUALLY use around the house!

Sometimes it’s all about just doing ONE thing. Getting ONE thing done that’ll help you move forward on an idea. If you make the first step, often the other pieces can fall right in place afterward.

Good luck 😀 ALWAYS keep it interesting!

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