About Me

Last updated on January 28th, 2024 at 01:06 pm

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As the man behind Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, I’m a husband of one and a father of two living just east of downtown Toronto, having all sorts of adventures across the province and spending time trying all kinds of fun things at home! My digital journey goes all the way back to 1998, and more than two decades of blood, sweat and tears built what you see today. I finally got a website under my name in 2010, entered fatherhood in 2013, and realised I could speak on my Blackness and still be successful in 2020—it’s a far cry from where it all started as I stepped out of high school.

My entry video for 2013’s 60 Days in Paradise competition is a good way to start getting to know me!

But as the man behind the brand, I’m just trying to balance my passion with my family and the work that keeps them fed so I can give them everything I can to lead the best lives possible.

Casey Palmer sitting on some hotel steps in a suit on his wedding day

I started this site because I’ve always loved telling stories. Though I’m a long way from the short stories I wrote in high school and the website I launched in 1998, I push to keep improving, never entirely satisfied with how far I get.

But it’s taken a long time to establish this balance, with each part of my life playing a crucial role in making me who I am.

The Many Sides of Casey Palmer

Sarah, my wife, takes on the emotional load of the family, thinking up much of what we need long before I do. I’ve become a better Dad with her help, but there’s no way I could create all this content without her.

My kids brought me more depth to everything I do, giving me a reason to make sure that what I create has real purpose behind it because time is finite, and I want to use it all as best as I can.

And of course, there’s all the work I put my time into, whether it’s all the models and spreadsheets I manage by day or the content I grind on when working after dark—I obsess over how good I can get, always rethinking, retooling and refining until I reach a result that’s simply perfect.

But though all this helps define me, there’s still so much going on, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! You can read, hear and see my exploits on my portfolio page, or drop me a line on social media or through the contact form below!

I look forward to hearing from you!