About the 2K11 24/7

After trying to write a daily blog in 2010 and having it fail, I decided to re-evaluate my efforts and figure out what it was that I wanted for 2011. I knew I wanted to run another project of some sort, but all I had was a title:

The 2K11 24/7

After a week or two, I figured out that it’d be about (self-) improvement, but I was still a blank slate as to what that actually MEANT.

What I’ve discovered is that we can improve life in a number of ways, such as:

  • self-improvement;
  • improving the world around us; and
  • improving others.

So in the end, this isn’t a self-improvement blog — it’s a LIFE improvement blog. I’m going to give you practical ways to improve. I;m going to write posts to inspire you.

Day by day by day.

And then in 2012? We’ll see what’s up!

–case p.

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