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Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 03:05 am

  • Finished a Sudoku that had been plaguing me for weeks
  • Helped a friend with her résumé
  • Started up another sketch for another contest due Saturday, but realize that all three may be unrealistic, so I just may submit the one-page written option instead
  • Used my Spend $10 get a $10 gift card at Loomis Art Store, which is good since it expires on Sunday
  • Made plans to see Inside Man tomorrow night with my buddy
  • Handed out business cards to my classmates, AND found out that one of them is the son of a major comic book shop owner in Downtown Toronto (Yesterday’s Heroes)
  • Rolled $300 in coin, plus $30, paid toward my Visa, so that I could pay for a flight to LA
  • Went to the travel agency earlier to get a quote on a flight (had seen $570 minimum on [tax inclusive], TravelCUTS at school had one that day for $253 plus taxes, so I was quite happy)


My beloved Sony D-NS921F Atrac3 Plus CD/MP3 Player seems to have given up the ghost today =(

But wait! Checking back on this post (back when aliyad was still using an icon—oh snap!), I have a five-year warranty on this! I gotta fish that baby out and see what can be done. I just can’t live without my radio!

If nothing can be done, though, I have to consider whether I’ll get another CD/MP3 player, or join the masses and convert to a full-fledged MP3 Player 😕 Tough choice. But one I don’t necessarily need to make yet =D

Right, uh, I gotta go take care of some things and get to bed. Peace out, home fries!

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