Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S & Alcatel Pop 7 Review

Two Devices to Help Consumers Out of a Digital Stone Age

Last updated on April 26th, 2021 at 12:42 am

I think I need a new phone.

Maybe it’s the way it only charges when propped up at just the right angle thanks to its damaged micro USB port, a port that’s ever so fragile on just about any device it graces. Or the times when the phone randomly restarts, or spontaneously ejects the microSD card, or decides that the device memory is corrupt, requiring a battery pull to get it working again. Maybe it’s the fact that technology moved so fast these days that despite winning the phone at the end of 2012, it’s already several generations old, an ancient relic of a time when “4K” was only the price tag for that shiny new MacBook Pro you coveted from the Apple Store. Or maybe—just maybe—it’s a sign that it’s time to try something new, and fortunately, I got the opportunity to do so!

Because My Phone is My Lifeline.

I run my tech into the ground.

Ever since my first Nokia brick phone back in ’02, I’ve taken my phones to their limit before replacing them. The BlackBerry Bold whose letters rubbed off of its keys from all the vigorous texting. The Motorola C350 whose screen eventually stopped turning on—probably for the best, though, with my friends always trying to drag me out at all hours of night.

Time and again, I rocked phones that wound up getting… well, rocked… and with the sad shape my current Samsung Galaxy S III is in, I’m on the hunt once more for a device that can keep up with the ever-expanding demands on my #BloggerLife! Hearing my plight, Bell and TELUS stepped up to see if they could help with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S smartphone and the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet!

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S, or, The Phone That Can Do All the Things Those Other Phones Can… Just Not All at the Same Time.

So let’s put it out there—as a blogger and social medialite/”influencer”, I very likely use my phone very differently from someone whose lifestyle doesn’t rely so heavily on their mobile device.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S—Frontal View
The phone still follows me everywhere, to be honest—it’s become my primary portable gaming device, and is awesome when tethered to my S III 😊

But for an entry-level phone for those looking for the features from the flagship phones of larger companies without the need for the fastest, most powerful—or most expensive phones on the market, the Alcatel Idol 2 S performs pretty well if you’re in search of an Android device that works.

My Galaxy S III grew pretty lonely in my trial period with the Idol 2 S, loving a device unburdened by the years of history, data, and sheer abuse that my poor S III endured.

To give you an idea of how I get the most from my phones, I used the Idol 2 S to:

  • Keep on top of my clan NoTimeForThat! in Clash of Clans, putting the time in to make my village as powerful as possible;
  • Taking lots of photos and videos for my Instagram and the blog, making sure to give them a little Snapseed love where possible, since I’m looking for new ways to tell my stories;
  • Showing the Candy Crush Soda Saga what up (currently at level 242), largely because the Candy Crush Saga’s level 751 is way too hard
  • Letting the world know I’m alive and well through social media, focusing on my Facebook and Twitter accounts (though Instagram quite often finds itself in the mix)
  • Broadcasting data to my other devices, because let’s face it—phones are good and all, but I’m not about to type my ridiculously lengthy blog posts with my thumbs

And all this is on an average day.

So yes—if I’m gonna use a device that pretty much never leaves my side, it’s gotta keep up with my frenetic lifestyle… I’m up at all hours putting in work; my phone should be too.

The Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7, or, A Good Place to Start When Someone’s Thinking About GETTING a Tablet, but Still Haven’t Figured Out What They’d DO With One

Sadly, the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 just wasn’t for me. It was nice enough—with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, it played well enough with everything else that Google’s connected me to, but as someone used to retina screens and shooting in 1080p, its IPS 1280 x 800 screen just wasn’t cutting it.

But I’m not everyone—my wife loves it, using it as an e-reader to replace an old Kindle she has kicking around that didn’t even allow her to read ebooks from the library! She’s found it light, convenient and easy to use—all good things if you want to take it with you wherever you go!

Alcatel OneTouch Pop 8—Home Screen

My take on the Pop 7 is this—if you’ve never owned a tablet before, it’s a great place to start! You get access to more than a million Android apps through the Google Play Store; it’s quite responsive, so you shouldn’t have to stress about lag; and the Quick Start Guide makes getting used to it so easy, a baby could do it*!

*Claim not tested on actual babies. 

Really, I’m sure it’d meet most people’s needs—I just need something that’s part viewing screen, part writing device and part drawing tablet—for my specific needs, the Pop 7 doesn’t quite make the cut.

Why Alcatel?

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S—Quick Settings Menu

They may not be designed to blow your mind, but these devices can get the job done.

That said, maybe I’m not the target demographic for Alcatel—my parents, for example, use our hand-me-down phones, finding features my brothers and I find passé and outdated as cool and interesting since the phones they had before were even more basic.

But the younger you get, the more competitive the tech—there’s little chance I could hand this to a teenager as their primary phone, as they’d likely want something with a ubiquitous fruit on the back to fit in with the cool kids.

I’m now on the other side of the fence—when I was young, and my parents would tell me something was a “perfectly good {fill in the blank}”, I too rejected their helpful advances to get the flashiest thing I could, regardless of whether it was what I actually needed.

The Alcatel One Touch Idol 2 S and Pop 8—Unboxed

Now, just because I had mixed experiences with the Idol 2 S and the Pop 7 doesn’t mean you will—maybe they’re just the devices you need in your life… you just need to give them a chance.

So while Alcatel didn’t prove itself the ideal solution for my needs, I definitely enjoyed having a speedy little companion to help run my #BloggerLife while it lasted. If you’re looking for $0 down devices that go well with your new phone plan, consider Alcatel OneTouch as a possible option—in the end, the Idol 2 S is still with me wherever I go, faithfully helping me zoom through the Candy Crush Soda Saga on those sardine can subway commutes home.

Remember—a tool is but a tool… it’s how we use it that really matters!

Adios amigos,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Disclaimer: While Bell and TELUS provided Alcatel OneTouch devices and some free air time to test them out, opinions in this blog are very much my own. I recognize that everyone’s looking for something different from their tech, and hope that this post helped if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank.

You can find out more about everyone involved in the making of this post at the following:

Also, if you’re looking for others’ views on the Alcatel OneTouch line, I encourage you to check out this post from My Bits and Bleeps!

By Casey E. Palmer

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Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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my hubby and I need new phones ours are not working properly and outdated but we cant afford a big payment

I need a new phone as I have 3 teenagers and I have spent all my time and money keeping them in new phones it is now time for me to have a nice new one

Stacey, that’s a great reason if I ever heard one — I’m not looking forward to that eventual stage! From a family of three brothers myself, I remember what it was like growing up as we devoured food like locusts and fought over all the tech.

Now that I have a 16-month old son, I can only look to the future and wonder how it’s all going to go 😐

Good luck!

Ok i know its crazy but iam 30 and have no joined the cell phone world yet. :S I would love to tho! 😀 Thanks!

I need a new phone because I don’t have one of my own. I borrow my husband’s phone when I go somewhere in case I need assistance on the road or have an emergency.

Ibelieve we need a cell phone as our one and only basic cell phone is over 7 years old so I suspect it is time for an upgrade

I need a new phone for my husband as his phone is about 10 years old. He has no idea how much quicker it would be texting when you have an actual keyboard.

I need a phone because mine is over 8 years know the old text and talk with an awful phone…nothing smart about it

I need a new phone because mine is OLD and I share it with my hubby, it would be really nice for both of us to have our own.

I need a new phone because I am a mother of a teen and I have never had a new phone just new to me hand me downs. I have bought five brand new phones for my now almost 18 year old but never a new phone for me i am currently using a friends old recycled Samsung S3

I need a new phone because I am a mother of a teen and I have never had a new phone just new to me hand me downs. I have bought five brand new phones for my now almost 18 year old but never a new phone for me i am currently using a friends old Samsung S3

I need a new phone for a number of reasons! my daughter got to mine so it doesn’t work very well now. she got food in the speakers so the volume isnt load and I use it for my alarm which i have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed my youngest because she is having weight problems but i cannot hear the alarm go off. I love taking pics of my kids but the quality isnt great and my phone keeps telling me i have to much storage so cant take any pics without deleting some 🙁

I need a new phone because the road of my life is paved with the broken and shattered husks of cellphones that lived hard and died hard. I am a heavy phone user so I go through them quicker than the average bear.

I don’t necessarily need a new phone. Aside from the new and annoying Apple Watch app that Apple’s so graciously given me in the latest iOS update, I suppose I’m still happy with my current phone. Though, I do think about switching to an Android device every now and then.

My parents though, they definitely need new phones. STAT!

I just recently got my first smart phone if you can believe it and I’m really enjoying it to say the least. I’m wanting to win this one for my husband. He’s had the same phone for 6 years now and he uses it for work so he’s really in the market for a new one.

Why do I need a new phone? Well, because I am still using an old flip phone with no “smart” abilities whatsoever – it is strictly a phone, with limited texting abilities (because it takes forever to send a text, and has limited memory for receiving). I need to join the present times and get a smart phone!

I have a pay as you go cell phone. I thought I would get it until I knew what phone was right for me but that was two years ago. LOL

My current phone is making me NUTS ! It is a older model, always freezing, crashing, works when it feels like it . grrrr

oh this is an easy one. I need a new phone,because I do not own a cell phone at all! My hubby and son do,but I do not,,so I need to get with the 🙂

I need a new phone because I stole my husbands for the camera and I would like to return it or give him this one.

I need a new phone because I’ve *never* had a cell phone. I need to get out of the dinosaur age. :o)

Need a phone because I have people to call and photos to take and emails to send and all that!

It would be great to win the Idol 2 S smartphone and the Pop 8 tablet.
In response to your question of
Why do YOU need a new phone?
I need a new phone because the last one i had was stolen.
Thank you for having this giveaway.

|My current cell phone is very temperamental. Half the time, I can’t answer calls or make them. I definitely could use a new one.

I need a new phone because I commute to and from work from 3pm to 3am in the morning.I am alone on the highway in the dark going against the norm and facing all the elements of our dreadful Canadian winters.Sometimes it’s just me and the snow plow on the highway! Thank you for the chance to win this splendid and fabulous giveaway.I would love to have a new phone for many of these reasons and because I like everything about this one!

Mine is a handme down from a friend. And while I really appreciate it, The Kids have done a number on it and dropped it a few times. Speaking of Kids, mine always have my phone so I never actually see it. How’s that for reasons 😉

Besos, Sarah
Journeys of The Zoo

I don’t personally need a new phone, but my husband dropped his down the stairs last week and smashed the screen up, and my son left his in a Taxi on the weekend and was not able to locate it so both of them could use a new phone!

My dad could use a new phone … I want to get him a smartphone since he still has a flipphone haha!

I appreciate that you said this product was not for you. I do not know if I have seen such honesty before from a blog.
I do not need it for the “phone” part but rather the Kindle and “tablet light” aspect are appealing. The family ereader is cracked – and quite frankly it is annoying to have to share those devices amongst family members. Candy Crush? Yep, to pass the time at dr appts etc.

I don’t own a cell phone. When I travel I take a tablet and a camera. A phone would be a lot easier to take.

My phone is an ancient flip-top from the 90’s! Really need to get back into this century!!!!!

I would love a new phone as I am a Mom and everytime my phone plan and opportunity comes up for a new phone I let one of my children upgrade their phone.

I’d love to ditch the A*p*l# for an Android. I’ve come to realize all the hype isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. My phone is slow old and outdated! This would be an upgrade dream! Thanks for an A-W-E-S-O-M-E giveaway!

Well, actually, I want the phone for my husband. 🙂 I just got a Smartphone at Christmas and he doesn’t have one and often it’d be handy get a hold of him. So having two phones would be nice. 🙂

I need a phone ! I don’t have one , think Im one of the last people in Canada ! lol It would be so nice for emergencies and keeping in touch !

i have an iphone and we all know what the battery is like on them.
I am luck if I make it from 7-9am without having to charge it again.

I need a new phone because mine is very old and is always giving me problems! Thanks for the chance!

i need a new phone for myself i seem to be the last person in my house with the crappy phone lol

My phone is really old. I still gave a qwerty keyboard. I drop it last summer and now the screen is cracked. The battery is no longer keeping charge at this time. I’ve been of course considering upgrading but every time there’s always been something more important or essential that happened; car repairs, bills, family member in need etc. I’m so ready for a new phone

My daughter will be entering junior high school this year, and I haven’t gotten her a phone yet. I feel she is responsible enough now to own one & it’s important she have one for emergencies.

I really need a new cell phone because we still have an old flip phone with zero features, it’s a dinosaur!

I dropped my phone on the sidewalk and totally smashed the screen. It lived for a little while longer then finally died a few days ago. So I am now phoneless

I need a new phone because mine is quite old, and the Idol2S sounds like such a good phone I would really appreciate.

This would be my first phone. Hard to believe in this day and age. lol. My kids call me a dinosaur and I’m not. Help me get cool with a phone.

I don’t have a need for a “new” phone, but a cell phone. I haven’t had a cell phone for almost 10 years, so it would be nice to be able to be reached by my son’s school without feeling like I need to be home all day long.

My phone is on it’s last legs…the battery lasts for only a few hours now. Time to upgrade!


I finally grudgingly decided to activate a Blackberry Bold I won a few years ago (I’m a cellphone refusenik), but can’t find the battery for it. Oh well. So I’d love an Alcatel fresh out of the box :0

I don’t need a new phone, I need a phone, I am the only one in my family without one, so please this would be awesome

I have had a HTC Windows phone for 6 months and it shuts off like 4 times per day so I would love to have a new phone that is reliable!

Because I want to try another device other than an iPhone or a Samsung! Plus, I was planning on giving my iPhone to my dad 🙂

I would actually love this to give to my parents who are trying to get in on the new technology slowly. I think this would be great for them.

I really do need a new phone as mine is charging but will not turn on and as of today the shop that was trying to fix it said they cannot fix it and all my contacts bare one it 🙁 So yes I need a new phone. Mine I am told was a dinosaur phone (old style) lol

My daughter demolished my old one so now I’m stuck using a penny phone and it just stinks! Thanks for the chance!

ugh – my current phone keeps shutting off randomly, even with mostly full battery power…and I use it for work every day!

I need a new phone for my hubby, his wifi no longer works on his & the phone randomly gets REALLY hot sometimes.

Yup, please take me out of the Stone Age? The 2 tin cans and piece of copper wire just don’t cut it anymore, ya know?

I need a new phone because…. well, this is kind of weird, my son wants to use my old phone to create videos (he’s only 8). He borrows (without my consent) my phone to make videos and it annoys me… so I need a new phone so that I can give him my old phone and not bother me anymore… lol!

LOL, Hazel. I already know that feel — even though the little guy’s only 16 months, some of my tech I’m holding onto for his future usage. I just see it coming.

Good luck 🙂 I get you!

I need a new phone because the one I own does not have the functions that I need in todays world.

Honestly I dont need a new phone but my husband desperately does. He bought his used three years ago and its still running but its super slow and out of date.

I need a new phone for my parents. Their last cell phone died and now they are phoneless. I would love to help them out.

I dont need a new phone but my hubby does , its slowly dying and I think this would be a great phone for him

this phone is slow and outdated. I seriously want to throw this phone away sometimes, very frustrating

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