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Sorry guys, this week’s post is gonna be sparse. I’m in the midst of a stressful situation, and the art isn’t flowing like it should. Right.

So here’s what’s up this week:

A sketch of G from Fish 'n' Chimps with a durag on.

(1) Right, so I’m working on redesigning my website, so my first idea was to have headshots in place of the revolving images that are there right now, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea as time passed, so I scrapped it.

Sketches of G and Nick from Fish 'n' Chimps back in the days where I still needed to work at drawing posture.

(2) So instead, it looks like it’ll maybe involve some full-body shots instead. But I don’t think I’m going to keep the revolving images, anyway. I might have one main opening image (possibly revolving), and a constant for the majority of the site content. We’ll see what I come up with (when I get this stress out of the damn way).

A stiff sketch of Doomz from Fish 'n' Chimps.

(3) I kind of like what I’m coming up with for the body shots, though, so I’ll probably continue along this vein. Oh, and Clare, by the way—I realize there aren’t many wrinkles in the clothes. I wanted to integrate that more in the inking—it would only get lost in my pencilwork.

A sketch of Nick Simian from Fish 'n' Chimps with a bandana on his head, superimposed on a black circle.

(4) Heh. Found this sitting in my to-do pile. A ballpoint piece of Nick that I greyscaled. I should finish it up for sure.

Right—hopefully next week I’ll be a bit calmer. Until then, have a good week, guys!

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