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An Aroma Kidz Adventure — Why I Can't Take My Kidz ANYWHERE. (Featured Image)

It’s no secret that I don’t drink coffee.

Every morning, Sarah makes herself a pot of coffee, filling her travel mug1 for whatever adventures she has planned for the day. Once she was running short on time, asking me to brew it for her… let’s just say she had to stop into a local coffee shop on the way to a playgroup that morning.

But that doesn’t stop me from frequenting my fair share of coffee shops, enjoying all sorts of other things their menus have to offer. Lattes, chilled drinks, pastries and more—not drinking coffee doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to everything else on the menu!

And so I heeded the call when Aroma Espresso Bar came looking for the Palmer family in their launch of a brand-new campaign—Aroma Kidz!

But one doesn’t do this on an empty stomach, so the first priority? A trip to Aroma—and where better than the Shops at Don Mills, just up the street from Casa de Palmer???

An Aroma Kidz Adventure—Why I Can't Take My Kidz ANYWHERE.—The Palmer Boys in a Stroll at the Shops at Don Mills

In my naïve little head, I had it planned out—a delicious Aroma brunch; some family photos; and time spent somewhere other than Casa de Palmer.

Though funny how quickly things can fall apart in the world of parenting, no?

Due to no fault of Aroma whatsoever, the hour that followed once we entered the door is one I could only describe as manic.

Now, Aroma itself? Super accommodating. The manager quickly ushered us to a table with high chair soon as it became available, and gave us somewhere to park our stroller so it’d be out of our way. He even went a step farther and got us into the first available booth so we could feed our kids in comfort, despite how bustling the location was at the time. I wish I knew his name, because his customer service was definitely on point, and I’d love to visit next time I’m in the area.

Well… next time I’m in the area sans kids.

You see, with a wealth of home-cooked meals and some delivery on the odd occasion, my children don’t frequent restaurants all that often.

If ever.

And so—as it dawns on me now—the boys might not know how they should act when in a public setting that involves sitting still for a good length of time. Which led to our toddler climbing all over the seats like a jungle gym once he decided he wasn’t eating his scrambled eggs. Or why our infant constantly grabbed at our trays with his obscene baby strength despite the food we put right in front of him. It made for a frustrated Sarah stuffing my bag in the stroller undercarriage, unaware she was smashing my SLR filter in the process. Children who couldn’t settle even with every distraction in the world. Forgetting to screw our toddler’s water bottle tightly enough, leaving our lunch bag sitting in a puddle on the seat.

An Aroma Kidz Adventure—Why I Can't Take My Kidz ANYWHERE.—Steak and Egg Sandwich

*sigh*—at least I got to wolf a delicious steak and egg sandwich down, right?

Anyway. My family’s food establishment woes aren’t the reason I wrote this post—not at all. What I’m really here to talk about is the Aroma Kidz campaign and how you can make the most of your visit to the Aroma Espresso Bar!

What IS Aroma Kidz?

So unless your family’s like mine, who needs a little more time before I can take them anywhere, you’d love the Aroma Espresso Bar! It’s family-friendly, the seating’s really comfy, and the food’s great! All-day breakfast? Sandwiches? Sweet pastries? They’re all great, and now they have a special kids’ menu, too—French toast, pasta, and grilled cheese!

Aroma Kidz—Because Filling Tummies With Great Food Shouldn’t be So Hard.

An Aroma Kidz Adventure—Why I Can't Take My Kidz ANYWHERE.—The Palmer Toddler With His Milk

Our kids are worth it.

We feed them nutritious food, plan fun activities, and make pleasant memories to make them great adults.

And Aroma Espresso Bar offers all that and more if you’re looking for a family experience you can genuinely feel good about after.

So if you want a coffeehouse with fresh-to-order meals, a menu customizable to any dietary lifestyle, or a free chocolate with every drink you order—it’s time to hit Aroma. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to give your family food that’s affordable, speedy and satisfying, so get up, get out and get tasty!

Good luck, bon appétit, and until the next, I remain…

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

1 or “travel maker” as my toddler would call it

Disclaimer: Aroma Espresso Bar comped our meals and give the blog some unique benefits through their Aroma Kidz program.

I’ll definitely use the rest of the gift card on solo visits. I’ll take the boys back to a coffee shop when they’re old enough to appreciate a fine time out with the family.


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