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Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 08:00 pm

Well, I’m coming down with something, so felt like doing this.


Aiyyo, I'm coming down with something... something FIERCE.
Yeah, I'm getting sick—REAL sick.

(verse one)

I'm infected with influenza—interrupts my intuition
Seems as if all the bacteria use kamikaze ammunition
Upon my central nervous system—got this inflammatory feelin'
Guess it was from the microbes that the amoebas were dealin'
I'm hacking away on a keystyle and in the audio sense
As my saliva coats whatever is in my general presence
Because I spit quick and hard—you wanna be in its direction
I'll get you sick too from my vocal inflexions
Let the viral venom go down into your system in an instant
This is the medicine you need no matter what ya mama is insistin'
You could just play it safe and have a clean bill of health
But those who play it healthy never get themselves the wealth
And when I got you coughin and wheezin'—you'll be believin'
That it's in your best interests to avoid the flaxseed, and
If you want to get better then you need to get sick
Because what four outta five doctors tell you is just a dirty trick


When you're sick, to get better, you just need to get sicker
'Cause if you get better, then you'll get sick quicker
But if you're not sick, you better find someone who's sicker
Or else you'll never get sick, and you want to, that's the kicker
(end for now)

Just an idea. Playing on the meaning of “sick”.

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