The Art of Leadership — or — Why it’s Important to INVEST in Yourself!

If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you’ll know of my love for The Art Of‘s speaker series, covering topics like marketing, sales and small business savvy. They speak to someone like me who’s constantly transitioning from dabbling in hobbies to making them viable businesses, with all the bumps and snags along the way.

I remember going to my very first The Art of Marketing in 2011, coming out feeling like my mind opened up to an entirely new set of possibilities — I couldn’t wait to get home and apply some of the new things I learned… things that helped me expand from a blogger without a clue in downtown Toronto to a man with stories to tell today.

And today’s story is one that I hope will get you to take the very same steps in your life.

The Art of Leadership — Toronto, November 18th — A Speaker Session for the Serious

Everybody starts somewhere.

Before I started attending sessions like The Art of Marketing and The Art of Leadership, I was in a very different place.

Recently married, I was a happy guy, but not much unlike many my social medialite ilk in Toronto. I partied too much, ate free food like it was going outta style, and leapt at any opportunity to get my hands on free swag. I was always busy and always on the grind, but doing little with any meaning.

Amongst many other things — like the peers who stood by me, all of us equally invested in our success; or humbling experiences like travelling to Tanzania or having a kid that really helped me reframe how I saw the world and everything in it — The Art Of series played an instrumental role in helping me blog better, giving me the inspiration I need to keep at it well into the future.

I can’t emphasize enough how much value these sessions have held for me — I’ve learned to create content I’m truly passionate about; how to chase my dreams, no matter how long it needs to take; and why it’s our duty to create content that’ll move the earth and not just add to the clutter already there.

The Art of Leadership — Toronto 2014 — Speakers

Some of the big names I’m looking forward to at The Art of Leadership on November 18th are Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post fame with a talk on redefining success, and Rudy Giuliani — yes, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani — who’ll speak on principled leadership in the face of change!

So if you’re stuck in a rut — in your career, with your content, in life — it’s time to get an external catalyst to push you where you need to go. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, investing in the tools and resources you need to take yourself wherever it is you want to go. It’s time to consider opportunities like The Art of Leadership, a conference geared at aiming to empower its attendees with the fresh ideas and new approaches they need to overcome their obstacles and take the next steps to becoming the people they always knew they were supposed to be.

The Art of Leadership — Toronto 2014 — CONNECT26 Promo Code

If it’s up your alley — and it really should be — you can save $50 off of the ticket price with the promo code CONNECT26, and $100 off of the ticket price with CONNECT26 if you buy 3 tickets or more!

The Art of Leadership — The First Step in Establishing Your Next Steps

The Art of Leadership — Toronto 2014 — The Art of Leadership Promo Pic

If you’re serious about advancing your brand, these speaker sessions are not to be missed, and I promise you’ll leave filled with more encouragement and motivation than you got there with!

So grab a pen, a notepad and a fully-charged phone — you won’t want to miss anything the speakers have to share at The Art of Leadership, and who knows — it might just give you the spark you need to wind up on that stage one day!

Look forward to seeing you in the crowd, amigos!

–case p.

The Art of Leadership Logo

Disclaimer: In exchange for a well-phrased blog post and some regular promotion, you’ll see me at The Art of Leadership on November 18th with a fully-charged phone, a blank notebook or two, and some lunch money, looking to cram as much knowledge in my head as possible. If you’re lucky enough to work a job that invests in employee learning, you should get this conference on your calendar stat — it could change your life!

You can catch more from The Art Of on their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube!

Or, if you want to know more of what I’m all about, check out my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Make sure to say “hi” at the conference!

By Casey E. Palmer

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey‘s spent the last few decades in pursuit of creating killer content. From novels as a kid, comics as a teen, to blogs and photos once he could grow a beard, he’ll use whatever’s around him to create amazing stuff.

When he’s not creating, he’s parenting, exploring and trying to make life as awesome as possible for everyone around him.

Because a boring life’s not a life worth living!

2 replies on “The Art of Leadership — or — Why it’s Important to INVEST in Yourself!”

I attended the Art of Leadership for women this past Spring in T.O it was absolutely incredible! Mind blowing, so powerful and moving. I would in a heartbeat attend another. There is something moving about building yourself through listening to others. I wish more people caught on to the importance of self growth.

100% agree with you, Tammy — the sessions I’ve attended have taught me a lot so far, and helped shape the way I interact with the world around me. We should never feel as though we’ve “made it”, because there’s always more room to grow!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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