The 2010 20K: Day 17 – Winter Cleanup

It has been brought to my attention that overactivity on certain things may actually HINDER individuals paying attention to my blog posts. Examples:

  • Mafia Wars posts on Facebook – I don't even really play it all that much anymore; it's more or less something I play to pass the time when I'm trying to think about how to do something
  • Overposting random stuff on Tumblr – not really too much of an issue anymore; I've actually been too busy with life as of late to seriously keep up with Tumblr these days

Also, other things that seem to be keeping a brotha down:

Things could be more accessible – with the Google Ads links over on my LiveJournal page and the donation button for PayPal hidden deep within my old posts, it's just not easy to find things

So here's the action plan:

  1. Stop posting so much Mafia Wars stuff – sorry Mafiosos, but I'm going to have to trim down on the interactivity in the name of the greater good (if you really don't want to see them at all, you can always block them in Facebook by clicking "Hide" next to a post and clicking to hide all "Mafia Wars" posts – make sure not to click all posts from "Casey Evertove Palmer", or you'll block all the good stuff I post!)
  2. Integrate the Donate button and the Google Ads into my main Posterous blog – yup, gonna have to do this too – I've already put the Donate button up, but the ads will have to get figured out – hope to have this out of the way in the next couple of days
  3. Cut the autoposting from Tumblr to Facebook – it's all about the Posterous now – nothing more that'll do double-posting and annoy the hell out of everyone – as soon as I clear out all of the pending stuff in my Tumblr, each site's going to be treated like a separate site with Posterous at the core – none neglected, yet each for its own purpose
  4. Clean up my presence on the Internet – my name's too diluted, currently. When you search "casey palmer blog", this blog isn't the first thing that pops up – THAT needs to change.

In other news, I'm looking at a page with about six potential opportunities lined up. From web design to logo work to simple consulting, it looks like I'll have my plate full. Just the way I like it.

There's still a couple of contests that'll require my attention – but it's a good thing that there are good ideas brewing for them. I hope you're all ready to support when the time comes!

The numbers haven't changed too much – another church/work day, where I just kinda hacked away at the debris that is my ideas to try and be a carpenter and build it into something substantial. Still a ways to go, though!

  • The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20
  • The Google Adsense Running Total = $29.35 (thanks so much! please keep clicking ads at! It's thoroughly appreciated!)
  • There's also the option of donating to PayPal by clicking on that button over to the right!
  • Comments, as well, are also very much appreciated 😉

Tomorrow will bring what? Videos? New ideas? New content? A better put-together blog? A new day with new wonders!

Bring it on, world – I'm ready for you!

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 15 – Sometimes the Odds are Against You

Oy, what a day. So I tried to enter this contest which needed to have its entries postmarked today, key word being TRIED. Let me tell you alllll about it.

So yesterday, I bought a postcard to enter this contest over at Midoco – which is likely my favourite art store in the city. (You'll often find me there fawning over their Copic Markers – some of the most coveted and overpriced art supplies known to humankind.) It's pretty cool – it's one of C.M. Coolidge's pieces where he painted dogs doing human things (you know the most famous one where they're all playing cards) – this one in particular is called The Reunion:



So, awesome. I ended up writing a story on it, called "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", which you'll find attached to this post. Here's what my schedule today looked like:

  • 9:30 – 6:15 work
  • 6:15 – 6:55 travel to Sarah's, which took 20 minutes more than usual due to delays and our ever-reliable TTC subway system with which Toronto is graced [/sarcasm]
  • 6:55 – 8:15 work on developing "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", pretty much from scratch – I only had the concept of what I wanted the story to be about, and then I just started writing from there
  • 8:15: head out to go find the nearest post office – the one around the corner had closed up shop some weeks ago; so the next closest one according to the Canada Post website was a Shoppers Drug Mart by Pape subway station
  • 8:35: arrive at the Shoppers only to realize that they NO LONGER HAVE A POST OFFICE. Talk to the guys at the store to find out where the closest post office is, confirming on my BlackBerry…
  • 8:45: After a bit of a walk, arrive at Postables, only to find that it closed at 7 pm
  • 8:46: Call Sarah to let her know I'll be going to the Shoppers near Spadina station, as I distinctly recall it closing at 10 pm back when she lived close to there – she offers to look it up to make sure
  • 8:47: Realize that my stupid BlackBerry needs a new battery as it doesn't seem to be able to hold a charge and died mid-conversation (I'd charged it up at work)
  • 9:02: Arrive at the Shoppers near Spadina, only to find out that it closed at 9

So, to my chagrin, the story was never sent. My chances at a $250 prize shot! But perhaps this is divine intervention – God telling me not to spend the $20 entry fee unless I'm damn sure that I'm sending my top quality stuff in. Oh well, at least it made for a good story. So here I sit, listening to Shalamar, typing this up in order to vent and get it out of my system. Canada Post and I need to have some WORDS. This isn't the first time they've led me astray!!!

Anyway, this weekend will be filled with sketching, working on updating my resume and portfolio, and just figuring out what opportunities lay before me. I've far from forgotten that the Threadless 2K10 challenge's deadline is around the corner, and that I need to get something on paper – IMMEDIATELY!

Hope the rest of y'all have had a far more restful evening than I have.

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20
The Google Adsense Running Total = $26.55 (thanks so much! please keep clicking ads at! It's thoroughly appreciated!)
There's also the option of donating to PayPal by clicking here: Donate

And that's about it! Please let me know what you think of the short story 🙂

T-t-t-that's all, folks!!!

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 13 – Reality Blogging

Best idea EVER. Obviously, there’s a ton of reality television out there on the airwaves. It’s really taken off in the last decade as we now sit in front of the TV to see dancers, singers, survivors, people in search of love and people willing to travel, battle or eat anything for one big, fat paycheque.

But have you seen a lot of reality BLOGGING? Yes, one could argue that all personal blogs are reality blogs – real people talking about real things to their audiences. But they’re seldom done in the style of reality TV – people conquering regular challenges in the pursuit of an end goal. This blog would be PERFECT for that. I’ve thought about the prospect of finding a different store to work for each weekend (work with me here – I know a lot of stores would be hesitant due to HOUR policies and loss prevention worries) for four hours or so (or maybe 8 for 110 – 55 is still the magic number), and I could blog about the experience and give them some publicity. I think this might work! I’ll have to write up a letter about the challenge and a resume specifically tailored for this, but if I can make this happen, it would be SO AWESOME!!! This also has me thinking of a business idea – giving OTHERS something to blog about. I know I’ve often been subject to the boredom bug – what if someone helped you to find ways to make your life more interesting, tailored to your needs? Or helped you and your friends set up a reality blog of your own? Casey Palmer – consultant in awesomeness 😉 The Google Ads have seemed to kick off pretty well so far – the estimated earnings to date sit at about $15 – please keep clicking at (think about it this way – the sooner and more often you click, the less you’ll need to hear my begging and pleading for you to do it!) – cheques are paid out monthly with a minimum of $25 for payout. January’s been a slow month (since, you know, I’m only starting out), so I hope to supplement where I can while I get things sorted out.One of my other goals in life (more of an on-going one) is to clear out all the extra unneeded stuff in my life. For example, I have this box full of photo reference for drawings that I’ve never used:


But now I’m starting to and it’s resulting in sketches like these:


(I think it’s evident from my attempted Sandra Bullock and Seann William Scott that I could do with doing some more portrait work.)

So I’m going to keep at it, since the sooner and quicker I start drawing comics again, the sooner I can start getting Fish n Chimps out again for the masses to enjoy 🙂

One other thing I found in a desk drawer was a bunch of Avery business cards, from back when I used to print my own business cards for conventions and whatnot. Once I get a design down, I think I’ll start getting these passed out around town so that the word can start spreading.

Daily blogging also seems to have some side benefits – an old classmate contacted me today with a proposition for doing some marketing/research/general advertising/internet guru stuff – I still don’t quite know what this means, but I’m hoping to find out when he gets back to me 🙂

So I’m thinking that some of y’all … okay, maybe MOST of y’all don’t comment since you don’t want to be in the spotlight or whatever whatever. What if I told you that there was a way for you to ask me questions without commenting? Even.. yes, I’m going there… ANONYMOUSLY? Yeah, this might open me up to all sorts of horrifying thoughts lurking at the back of your mind, but when have I ever treaded with caution?

I have two sites where you can freely ask questions, and I’ll aim to get back to you sooner than later:

Hit me with it! I know you have stuff you want to know about me and the madness behind all of this! I’m here! Bring it on!

The 9 to 5 is promising to get more challenging in the next few months, but don’t think that’ll keep me away! I hope you keep visiting, keep ad clicking and keep asking questions in the next coming while – you never know what to expect, or if you might be able to help 😀

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20

Until next time, I remain:–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 10 – Things I Won’t Do For Money…

…ESPECIALLY for $55.

So after posting yesterday's blog, one of my friends sent me an MSN message with the following enclosed:

"Clean my toilets".

Thanks, Kev. While this is definitely on the list of things I MIGHT do, there's a caveat. I'd expect the hirer to pay the costs of travel. It just doesn't make much sense otherwise. If I have to pay $55 (or more!) to make the $55 back, there wasn't much sense in travelling all that way, was there? So yes, $55+applicable costs will be the rate 🙂

So just so your imaginations don't run COMPLETELY wild, let's list off some things I WON'T do for $55:

  • Sleep with you (and no, Sarah won't give it the okay, so don't try that angle, either)
  • A job that obviously costs wayyyy more than $55 to do (like, I dunno – develop a database system for a company of 20,000 people)
  • Anything causing direct harm to myself or others

Just to name a few.

Didn't get around to finishing up the Indie Writers' Deathmatch entry, but hoping to use it for something else in the near future – submissions for indie mags are always being requested.

Another week is upon us, and I still have a few things to do before bed – a resume to send out, things to scan and various items to consolidate. Gonna be one of those nights, I guess 🙂 Hopefully this week will be rife with opportunities to increase this total!

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20

Thanks for reading and wish me luck this week,

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 9 – The Bridge from Planning to Reality

One of the methods I commonly use for saving – and caveat, I'm saying that this works for me personally, not necessarily for everyone – is saving my change in a bucket. I don't spend change if I can help it (and it helps that I'm not a coffee drinker); I take all that change goes in a bucket so I can eventually deposit it into the bank account. At the same time, though, you don't want to leave it sitting TOO long. You start to think about it after a while – all the change I have sitting here, I could be using to pay debts, gain interest – whatever it is that you could do to improve your financial situation. I just did a roll-up (i.e. the times where I'll sit down and roll up a bunch of change), and there's $451.50 to be banked (plus another $125 US cheque, a British 5 pound note and a cheque for all of 19 cents from a refund) [note: Just returned. Apparently TD has free change counting machines. When did THIS happen? All that time and effort… for nothing D:]

Today's activities won't include too much for the 20K, I fear. Two birthday parties tonight mean that I won't work directly on my site, but I'll still be working on the layouts on construction paper, and trying to get that entry for the Indie Writers' Deathmatch done by tomorrow.

In fact, why don't you give the "monologue" I wrote a read and tell me what you think? Any comments, positive, negative or ambivalent would be HIGHLY appreciated. [Sarah took a quick read over it at one of the birthday dinners tonights and gave some crits and comments – please note that this copy has not seen them yet.]

Premise: In a dystopian near-future, economic collapse has sent the United States into a frenzy, and after being shunned by the United Nations in their time of need – including their neighbours to the north – they attack to make their point made and voices heard. This is a short story detailing the situation found in one of the cities affected by these events.

This used to be a nice town. That was before urban sprawl led to social collapse. Before vertical growth sent everyone scrambling for refuge in the tunnels. Before the glass house that we thought protected us all was found to be cracked just enough to shatter from the first stone thrown.

Back when the word "Canadian" meant something.

Who would attack US, the Canadians thought.

I mean, we ONLY had a wealth of natural resources. We ONLY had the second-largest political land mass on the globe. We were ONLY one of the last economies to feel the chilling touch of the Great Recession. Oh yeah, NO ONE would want a piece of THAT.

And yet they kept pretending that nothing was coming. The prices kept rising, but that didn't matter – condos, computers, cars, real estate, stocks, bonds, drugs, identities – whatever was on the market, they'd eat it up like there was no tomorrow.

Too bad so few realized how SOON that cliché would become so APPLICABLE.

When the U.N. turned their back on the US in their time of need, all those years of pent-up rage, blind patriotism and political shenanigans came to a head when their neighbours in the Great White North couldn't be bothered to spare them a dime.

We thought we'd be safe in our overpriced highrises; our new digs from the boutiques downtown; our brand new luxury cars with the tops down in our pleasant – albeit brief – summer days.

Like I said, let me know what you thought.

Karaoke tonight reminded me that I should look into singing lessons eventually – my breathing was ALL sorts of messed up. I can sing okay – just not with any stamina 😉 But I guess that would translate to my performance in intramural sports as well – huh. Who'da thunk it.

Ah! I also received an AWESOME idea from Jen, someone who was at one of the parties I attended – if I break down the $20,000 into daily chunks, I can try to advertise to do jobs at one flat rate to try and make those daily goals 🙂

So $20,000/365 = $54.79, so let's round that up to $55 to make it easier.


Casey Palmer – The Job Man! Does any* job for $55!
*the option to do a job or not is at the discretion of Casey Palmer and Casey Palmer alone

I could advertise this alongside my resume and people could challenge me to see what jobs I'd actually take on. It'd be interesting 😀 I need to get my sites done so I can advertise this PROPERLY. I thank you Jen for your beautiful, beautiful brain.

That's all I've got in me for now.

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 8 – Expectations


I took some time this morning to teach myself how to use the Google Charts API. It’s a handy tool for making graphs on the fly by simply putting the data you need in a URL – but I can see how it might become a little more difficult to use when you have a LOT of data points to put in. Expect to see more tinkering in future updates.

So 2010 may very well be the year of explicit contracts and service level agreements with clients. I mean, I’m a nice guy and all, but some things really blow my mind at times. Let’s take, for example, the calendar I worked on near the end of 2009 and was trying to get a follow-up done in the last couple of weeks by getting desktop stand-style calendars printed with the same images (by the way, if you’re ever trying to do this, make sure it’s in the October-November period of the year – it gets FAR more difficult to find a printer after this).

Let’s look at some numbers on the original calendar:

Time spent on making 13 drawings for the calendar = 10 hours
Money spent to print the calendar = $24.85
Money spent for next day shipping = $15.00

Money paid to Casey for this calendar = $20.00

The look on Casey’s face upon seeing this = PRICELESS.

So yes, even though people may be friends or you may have or had a good working relationship with them, you still need to get things down on paper and a firm understanding put together before you start doing the work. Otherwise, things like this happen. It’s not something that I’ll let sour the relationship nor will I be bitter about it, but I’ll definitely approach things differently next time.

Today was still a good day, though. I sat with one of my more “big business”-minded friends, and she was able to have a good talk with me on the ideas of things like incorporation, focusing my efforts on doing one thing well and how to invoke actual growth in money. It was good to bounce ideas off of someone who’s really into making effective change in a limited scope of time.

Doing some research on avenues already available to me, and I’ve (re-)discovered a couple:

I’m resurrecting an art book that I published called Blazin’ Apes: Sketches to Sketches, Brush to Brush (Edwin, I still need to sign yours!) – it’s a collection of work that I’ve done over the years, collected into one tome – feel free to support if you’re interested 🙂 You can get more information on it by clicking below:

Also, LiveJournal gives Paid/Permanent users to generate revenue through ads in their journals. I might try it out – LJ friends, if it drives you insane, please feel free to let me know. But, you’ll need to give me a better alternative for continued revenue. Deal?

Today’s increases came from $0.10 donated by Sakshi this morning, which was awesome – every little bit helps 🙂 – $2.00 from cashing in a December lottery ticket and $20.00 from that calendar job. Money is money, right? This means that…

The 2010 20K Running Total = $62.20

For anyone who’s done the math, $20,000 over the span of the year means that I’ll need to earn an average of $384.62 per week to make it. It’s a good start, but I’m going to need to turn up the heat in order to hit the goal. But Day 7 out of 365? It’s WAY too early to say die 🙂 Let’s DO this.

Thanks for reading,

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 7 – Still Schemin’

Just finished reading Chris Ballard's The Butterfly Hunter: Adventures of People Who Found Their True Calling Way Off the Beaten Path last night.

Today's haul was a decent haul – another $16 from some winning Cash for Life scratch cards (yes, from Sarah – it's been indicated that she's been having quite the active role in this blog – but if she's reaping benefits from it, then why not?) and $1 donated from Sakshi (thanks, Sakshi!) – tomorrow I see myself cashing in some lottery tickets as well 🙂 Gotta get it where you can, right?

Some more ideas:

Casey's scanning service – I have an 8" x 14" scanner that converts film into digital images, so I'd do that for a nominal fee

Casey's portable mini recording studio – I have a Shure SM 58 with a Shure X2U to connect it directly to a computer, so if someone needs to record quality audio, I've gotcha covered

Casey's organization service – files all over the place on your computer? Can't remember where you put that doohickey? Casey Palmer to the rescue! I can run mindmaps to organize your notes, Excel spreadsheets to get your finances sorted out, or even build new scripts to help make what you do on your computer far easier

Been more of a lackadasical day – hope to have an active weekend of 20K action – writing, drawing and websiting needs to be done!

Also, if anyone wants to share any Settlers of Catan war stories, I'm all ears. I think I'm on my sixth near-win (as opposed to an outright loss) in a row.

The 2010 20K Running Total: $40.10

Thanks for reading!

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 5 – Beating the odds?


Snagged from another Posterous I follow at – I assure you that this cycle won't be happening to me.

Alright, so this will be one of my quicker updates, as I've rented Inglorious Basterds and it needs a watching before its due date tomorrow.

This has been one of my weirder evenings so far.

In vaguely the correct order:

  • Went to Kinko's to put in an order for desk calendars – only to find that they DON'T do desk calendars, being the shoddy organization that they are (all artists who have ever gone there to mass produce ANYTHING know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) – I've been directed to hit up The Printing House in the morning, which I will, but if anyone else has any suggestions on what route to take for this in the downtown Toronto area, please let me know
  • A massive subway delay caused me to get some reading in, but also miss the 6:10 train home, so I found a couch near to the station to continue said reading – there I met a young dude by the name of Mark who was asking about my Bleach bookmark – we had a half hour conversation about anime, manga, swapped our sketchbooks and email addresses – he seemed like a pretty cool dude looking to make art and acting connections – we'll see if this is a networking opportunity as the 20K continues 🙂
  • Then I gave $5 to a homeless woman on the way to my train. Turns out that she's a prostitute on probation due to drug abuse and I was the 11th young Black man to have helped her out since last summer… which she believes is due to there being a Black American president in power which is changing the world for the positive. …yup.
  • Met up with my buddy Andrea to belatedly swap Christmas gifts, and she contributed another $2 to the cause, if only to double up on the previous contribution. Hey, I'll take it!

Anyway, in any case, I'm glad to be home so I can rest a little.

Indie Writers' Deathmatch:

Deadline for this is the 10th with a top cash prize of $300. With entries needing to be 1000-3000 words, I'm hoping to whip something up over the course of the week. Please keep posted as I'm going to need some SERIOUS voting help if I do!

As well, I have some vague ideas for a really bloody, gory short story, but if anyone has any ideas they want to send along and see incorporated in what will be nothing short of a masterpiece, get in touch with me!

Threadless 2K10:

Last night, Sarah helped me come up with a few really good design ideas for this contest – I'll hopefully be able to get them put together by the January 31st deadline, and like with the Indie Writers' Deathmatch, I'll need some serious help with votes! Keep posted – winning the $10,000 prize would be SO AWESOME.

If you guys come across any other contests you think I'd be interested in, let a brotha know!


So it seems that some people may have some apprehension about commenting since they might not know much about the commenting options. Let me quickly cover them:

  • Posterous – you'd need to have a Posterous account to log-in with this options
  • Facebook Connect – to quickly explain how Facebook Connect works, it's an authentication system where you use your pre-existing Facebook information to log in to another site. What this does NOT do is: put a new app on your Facebook; take any of your data outside of the privacy settings you've already set up; or alter your Facebook usage in any way. It's probably the safest and easiest method for most of my readers out there. Feel free to consider it and try it out 🙂
  • Twitter – similar to Facebook Connect, but for this you need a Twitter account to log in with.

Also, you can also get in touch with me at palmer DOT casey AT gmail DOT com, if you're REALLY skeptical.

Thanks for reading!

The 2010 20K Running Total: $3.00

–case p.

Upular: An “Up” Music Video

This is the kind of stuff that one of my local comic shops posts about on its blog – a music video composed almost entirely of sound bytes from the movie “Up”.

It’s called “Upular”. It’s going on my iPod. IMMEDIATELY.

Trust me. It’s awesome.

–case p.

Funny Moments 2009: Doomz on the News


Going over some random and humorous things that occured to yours truly in 2009 – like the time where Sarah and I lost our trip to the Bahamas due to Conquest Vacations going under, and after some ranting and raving on Twitter about the whole deal, Muhammad Lilla, a reporter from CBC news asked if I’d be available for an interview.

Several emails and a couple of phone calls later, we’d set up at a parkette close to work and the new was shot.

I eagerly awaited seeing myself on the 6 o’clock local news, but nothing came up. Figuring that it had been scrapped, I went off to do other things.

Until the phone calls and emials started coming in.

6:30 pm: Dude! You’re on the Ottawa news!

9 pm: Casey, what’re you doing on the National?!

11 pm: What! Why’re you on my TV in British Columbia?!

Casey Palmer. Showing up in the most unexpected places since 1983.

–case p.