The 2010 20K: Day 4 – Further planning

Some might ask why I chose to use a blog in order to try and hit my $20,000 rather than just, I don't know, going out and getting a part time job. Trying to sell my art at art shows and conventions. Using Craigslist to get rid of a bunch of stuff that I might not need anymore. I think it's a simple answer for me, really – user interaction. I like dealing with people. Sure, my job currently allows for that, but not on the scope I think I'd prefer. I like to discuss and debate, to confer with others on ideas – lots of things like that.

So, so far Sarah has been pretty helpful with informing me about different opportunities available in the city for my challenge. The ones I have so far include:

Other resources she pointed out were:

This could be fun or horribly disastrous. I can see myself applying for a number of different opportunities and wasting time trying to wait and see how things develop. But once the ball starts rolling, maybe it would get me to my goal a lot faster! Won't know until I take the plunge, so I'd better get started!

TODAY'S CONTESTS ENTERED: (can enter once daily) <– this has a top prize of a $5,000 gift certificate for Canadian Tire – Sarah figures I could hawk it off on eBay/Craigslist for $4,000 if I won. Makes enough sense to me.

I need to make time to hit Kinko's tomorrow to submit that calendar (it's hard to get your butt out in the cold to do things up here in Canada, eh?) and work on a design for the Threadless $10K for 2K10 contest ( – but it's going to have to be something killer. I'll post it up when I come up with it 🙂

Anyway, more to come tomorrow on ideas for things I could do in the next coming months and hopefully a post a day/every few days on things I could possibly do for you if you hire me 🙂

The 2010 20K Running Total: $1.00

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 3 – Making it easier for folks to help!

Today’s blog post is brought to you by green construction paper! I’ve been sketching like a madman and clearing out excess art supplies, so it just seemed to be a natural progression to jot my thoughts down as you see below:


Well, 1/2 ain’t bad, right? I upgraded the PayPal account to a Premium account – so far I’ve gotten it set up for donations, and will work on setting up other facilities as the challenge progresses:

Hope you’re all well, and I’m hoping for an exciting week back to work, facing the challenges of balancing the 2010 20K with the 9 to 5 job. A set of numbers that’ll spell success or utter doom 🙂

Keep checking the blog!

–case p.


The 2010 20K: Day 2 – Clarification

Day 2 is upon us and I've already sparked discussion, debate and questions of integrity! SWEET.

First off, here's a confession: I'd hoped to be able to kick off 2010 with a bit of a sweetener, since I had some uncashed cheques left around and Christmas cash that I've yet to receined from a relative or two. I figured – hey – why not make this a little easier on myself to start with? But then I thought about it and came to a realization – any of that money is technically money that I didn't earn in 2010! It was all "earned" in one way or another by the end of last year.

Which leaves me at a big fat 0 so far for this year. But hey. It's more fair that way. So just to let you know – I do have some ethics 🙂

Fortunately, though, I may have a few jobs lined up for January, so all is not lost! Hopefully one will see funds come in by the end of this week.

Upon sending out the news of the blog from one of my gmail accounts, I got a few replies from friends – a mix of encouragement, concern and advice. I'll (anonymously) cover a few of the items here just in case anyone else might be thinking about these things, but just don't wish to voice it:

good luck casey – my plan is to follow your blog and then steal any money making ideas that you seem to have…..

I'm totally cool with anyone else being inspired by this blog and going off to do similar things of their own – I'm all about self-empowerment, and if people are better for it, then hurrah 🙂

buy yourself that mac book pro pronto. don't keep defering that dream. further rationale, you could make money off whatever you produce on the pro.

Yes and true. And worry not – I'm pretty sure that the MacBook Pro will be the least of my worries over the coming years 😉 As well, sure – I can totally use the sweet operating system of the Pro to make awesome stuff, but at the end of the day, it's just a tool, right? I can make awesome stuff using this Toshiba Satellite in the meantime, too! (Well, I hope so, at least.)
Is your girlfriend helping to pay for either of those trips? split costs my friend.
That's the plan at the moment, yes – but she does have a house to pay for, so if I can help by taking the lion's share, then I'll help by taking the lion's share. I just figure it's the right thing to do.

with more money comes more responsibility. you are fortunate to be where you are now, … what you're making is not a bad figure at all. Careful with making money a goal, it tends to supersede all the other small things in life that are more meaningful than amassing money. besides, not having enough money just forces you to prioritize.

SO true. My focus of this exercise is not to simply make extra money and have that be the sole focus – I'm actually trying to expand my horizons in the ways in which one can make money and just try to have a good time while doing so 🙂 I hope to actually take advantage of more opportunities this year than last 🙂
you don't need to make an extra 20G. Europe will run you 6 grand (you're travelling cheap remember) depending on how long you're going for. the aussie aussie aussie (oy,oy,oy) trip will run you 5G..and the engagement ring 10G. okay, so 20G about, but you can save half of that on your current income. So you only need to make another 10G net. So, that's 30G gross.

Granted, I can see how that budget would work, but there're other things to consider – taxes on extra income, if Sarah can't save up enough for the trips for whatever reason, travel insurance, unexpected costs… I think that $20K is a decent figure to estimate for whatever might happen by the end of this year 🙂

In other news, today I officially made my first dollar of the 2010 20K challenge 😀 Thank you Luke for your support – your $1 earned you hearing about my story and a mention in the blog for being the first supporter! Woo hoo!

There may be some more coming in later in the week, but I'll keep y'all posted on it 🙂


2010 20K Running Total: $1.00

Thanks everyone,

–case p.

The 2010 20K: Day 1

A new year with fresh starts, new hopes and new goals. Nice.

If you've spoken to me as of late, you've probably realized that I'm trying to figure out how to position myself financially over the coming years. Despite whatever I'd like to think, I am growing up, and will need to take care of grown-up responsibilities.

So okay, fine. What's this look like right now?

  • Getting a ring for a 2010 engagement, as promised to my girlfriend of two years
  • A hopeful trip to Europe in September and an even more hopeful trip to Australia in January 2011 for her cousin's wedding
  • Getting the last dollars I need to buy the MacBook Pro I've coveted for the last five years

So, okay. It's like conquering an addiction – the first step of beating a problem is admitting you have one. Step one taken care of.

Now for the good part – the plan of action in order to deal with the issue.

I've proposed a challenge to myself – to make $20,000 on top of my regular salary in 2010. I know, crazy, right? But it's one of those things you'll never know whether or not you can do it until you try! That's about $384.62 extra a week, or $54.80 a day. It's not an amount to sneeze at, but that won't stop me from trying to figure this out!

So what will I do to make this happen? Some ideas I've thought of include (but are obviously not limited to):

  • Singing telegrams
  • Art commissions
  • Business analysis
  • One-shot jobs that I normally wouldn't think of

The 2010 20K posts you'll see in the next 365 days will focus on my quest to make this money, how it gets spent on these big-ticket items and how I stretch out the money I do make so that this isn't all for naught. As things currently stand, my full-time job is only guaranteed until mid-April, so contingency planning is also something I'm keeping in mind. I hope you'll all come along for the ride while I try to do this 🙂

Now, for a few ground rules:

  1. Anything I pursue in trying to achieve this goal must be legal – sure, drugs and prostitution can turn a quick buck, but I'm not about to head down those paths
  2. Anything I do must be done outside of my regular work hours – I can't knowingly jeapordize my employment in trying to pull this off, but I'll try to balance out work and everything outside of it to make it all doable
  3. Any money I earn/get outside of work pay is allowable – side jobs, birthday money, change I find on the sidewalk – oh baby, it's on!

So I guess I've got my work cut out for me. Come back to the blog for daily updates 🙂

2010 20K Running Total = $0.00

Thanks all, and I hope you'll support me in this,

–Casey E. Palmer, aka case p.

What’s under your Mask?


*squee!* – this is beyond awesome! Masks through the history of pop culture 😀 The simplest design schemas at times can often be the ones that really stand out.

This might be the last post I make of 2009, so make sure you have a wicked New Year’s wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

–case p.

The Great Debate: Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees


Oh, look! Another article on whether real or fake trees are the best way to go. And it’s on scientific blogging! Yup – they say that artificial trees would be the way to go – you know, having long-term usability and cost-effectiveness and all, if you know… they weren’t all potentially lined with lead.

Just saying.

–case p.

Rochester aka Juice – A New Day

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My jam of the moment: Rochester – “A New Day”. I only heard this song for the first time at a party last night, and I knew I needed to find out more about it.

Reppin’ Toronto’s Islington/Finch intersection, Rochester’s had a bit of acclaim in our community, and with this, I can see why. This song’s just damn addictive. Was hard for me to believe at first that it came from the T-Dot, but you can hear the influences subtly in the undertones of the rhythm.

Listen, support and give props. I’m probably going to hunt this record down this week.

–case p.

Stats make me happy :)

So I’ve been using Google Analytics to gather stats on my Posterous account, and I’ve found out some interesting stuff:


Wow! People are reading my Posterous from all over the world! (Don’t worry, this doesn’t show me IP information or anything – just very general stats on my reader base.) I’d love to know what people from all over the world think of the stuff I’m posting on this account. You don’t even need to sign up for Posterous in order to comment (though Posterous IS pretty awesome) – you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter profile to make it easier for yourself.

Looking forward to networking with tons of people worldwide this year!

–case p.

GPOYW – @ Karaoke


@ the Fox and the Fiddle on the Danforth, sippin on a Strongbow, getting ready to sing some songs.

Tonight’s tracks:

  • Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
  • Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison

Let’s do this!!!

–case p.

Door Dodgers

Dear Toronto,

You have a lot of different types of people in your borders – people
often say that you’re one of the most diverse cities in the world.
However, this is not limited to the cultural background your peoples
have or the various languages they speak.

No, I’m also talking about the types of characters you have in this far city.

Today, I’m calling out the door dodgers. Yeah, you know the type. Many mornings I head out from Union GO Station with the rest of the sheep to our various places of employment. If you’ve seen me walking around, you’ll know that I often tend to be carrying my knapsack and a duffel bag, since I tend to be moving around a lot. It makes travelling a pain, but it’s something you can get used to.

However, when you’re trying to move thousands of people through three or four doors, you’d expect that people would continually hold the door for the droves coming behind them, no?

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

Door dodgers. They’ll skillfully avoid any contact with an open door
— since the world obviously revolves around them — leaving it to close in the face of the next person.

Are you serious? I barely have free hands! I’ve had to essentially
train myself to use my legs as a second set of arms so I can avoid
these horrid situations. I always glare at them from behind. I hope
one day one of them turns around to get it.

Stupid door dodgers.

–case p.