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Casey E. Palmer

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey‘s spent the last few decades in pursuit of creating killer content. From novels as a kid, comics as a teen, to blogs and photos once he could grow a beard, he’ll use whatever’s around him to create amazing stuff.

When he’s not creating, he’s parenting, exploring and trying to make life as awesome as possible for everyone around him.

Because a boring life’s not a life worth living!

Why Father's Day Isn't Mother's Day II — An Exercise in Fatherhood by Casey E. Palmer (Featured Image)

Why Father’s Day Isn’t Mother’s Day II — An Exercise in Fatherhood by Casey E. Palmer

“Happy Father’s Day to the single mothers out there doing both jobs.” No. Oh, I get it. And I agree that we should celebrate single Moms for everything they do to raise their kids—it ain’t easy; I have a hard enough time with two of us in the house. […]

Grilling Rain or Shine — The Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 MultiGrill! (Featured Image)

Grilling Rain or Shine — The Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 MultiGrill!

If there’s one thing we know about Toronto, it’s that our weather is not consistent. May felt like July. Early June felt like March. It threw everyone in the city for a loop, its people feebly trying to make plans in a climate that wouldn’t play nice. And it can […]

Are You a Superhero Dad_ Then Mark's is Interested in YOU. (Featured Image)

Are You a Superhero Dad? Then Mark’s is Interested in YOU.

It took me nearly thirty years to realise how good a man my Dad is. That he did literally everything he could to give us the life he couldn’t have, sparing none if his time, energy or resources to make it happen. And now that I’ve got my own kids, I […]

Chatting with Casey 0005 — You Don't Want to be That Guy (Featured Image)

Chatting with Casey 0005 — You Don’t Want to be That Guy

Everything falls a little behind when it comes to Father’s Day. On the third Sunday in June each year, Father’s Day falls smack in the middle of a million other things. The first glimpses of summer for those of us too used to dealing with winter. Wrapping things up […]

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop! — Cooked Lamb Shanks

Get Meat That’s Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop!

Once you go rack, you never go back. The problem with eating delicious meat is that lesser cuts just don’t taste the same once you have! When Paramount Fine Foods invited myself and a few other tastemakers to the grand opening of their Yonge & Eglinton Paramount Butcher Shop […]

Chatting with Casey 0004 — It's Hard Out Here for a Dad (Featured Image)

Chatting with Casey 0004 — It’s Hard Out Here for a Dad

“Just because he got her pregnant doesn’t mean he needs to be a Dad.” “How do you know she wasn’t trying to trap him into a relationship? These women will go to extremes to lock a brother down!” “Why does he have to change his life because something unexpected happened?” The allegation […]

Chatting with Casey 0003 — Give Me Some Room to Fail (Default Image)

Chatting with Casey 0003 — Give Me Some Room to Fail

Work at something hard enough, and you eventually hit a point where everything starts to click. I’ve been grinding away especially hard at the blog, the job, and everything in between of late, trying to make sense of everything and cut down on the clutter that’s always in the way. And […]

Chatting with Casey 0002 — No Terrible People Allowed (Featured Image)

Chatting with Casey 0002 — No Terrible People Allowed!

I was naïve to think a podcast would somehow give me less writing to do every day! If I thought writing solid thousand-word posts were a challenge, imagine how I felt when I realised that there’re ten thousand of ’em in an hour-long podcast! I’d become pretty accomplished as a writer, […]

Chatting with Casey — Episode 1 — Am I Black Enough?

Chatting with Casey 0001 — Am I Black Enough?

Inspiration can hit you from the strangest places. @doomzTO you have a nice voice, I know that; I was catching up on ZachBusseyShow podcasts, and I <33333 you/your voice so much! — £acey £arissa (@laceyeh) December 6, 2012 @doomzTO if you do, let me know. I have a thing […]

Hallmark Knows Moms — Why I'm Leaving Mother's Day to the EXPERTS. (Featured Image)

Hallmark Knows Moms — Why I’m Leaving Mother’s Day to the EXPERTS.

I see you out there—you’re just like me: horrible at Mother’s Day. This woman went to all the trouble to bring you into this world, and on the one day each year to honour her, here you are shopping for a gift the week before Mother’s Day! (*Okay, two days—she […]

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