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Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 01:51 pm

So here I am, once again. A happy new year and all to everyone 😊 So I did the vanishing act again. Yeah, I’m pretty horrible for that. But right now, I sit here before my computer cross-legged, a picture that I’m inking sitting on my lap, my new iPod and Canon Powershot G7 sitting on the floor unopened, wondering in which direction I should travel for the upcoming year.

Clare’s been on my ass about getting that Wacom tablet of mine in gear, but I keep telling her that there’s something that needs to be taken care of first before I do this. I tend to lug around a file folder (Perry Ellis, no less) of drawings that are incomplete. As of some point in December, I decided that it was time to get all these pictures done and dealt with and move on with my art so that I could progress in 2007.

So far, I’ve gotten more taken care of than I have in a long time. Pages are getting gradually cleaned up; I’ve worked out a storyboard for future Fish & Chimps stories; old FNC pages are getting inked up and completed; and soon, I’ll finally be able to add some new work to my ageing portfolio 😊

So yes, maybe I’ll start posting again and seeing if I can get things up and running once more. My New Year’s resolution was simply one solitary statement, and I’m going to see how well I can adhere to it.

“To improve.”

Hope to see you soon,

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