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Because Life is Full of Lessons

The 31 Things I Know Now That I'm 31 PREAMBLE

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Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 04:19 pm

You know, it feels like the perfect time to put this series out. When I posted the news that I’d be blogging with The Huffington Post Canada’s Parents section to my Facebook the other night, the outpouring of support was astoundingflooring me with how happy friends were with this new milestone—I even had people I hadn’t spoken with since high school reaching out to learn more about the writing journey that’d gotten me to working with HuffPo!

I’ve looked to put this blog series out since August but struggled with it, trying to frame the major lessons I’ve learned in my three decades so far into something meaningful.

But how do you introduce a daily series meant to showcase 31 of the most important things you’ve learned through your entire life???

With a lot of thought and plenty of words.

Why It’s Important to Look Behind You

It wasn’t so long ago that 30 seemed forever away. My 30-something friends never lacked in aches and pains, always looking back fondly on younger days and the things they could’ve pulled off “way back when”. They weren’t leading lives of regret, but with a slow acceptance that we do get older, and must strive to live life without abandon, lest we become the very adults we’ve so often chided for being old, tired and jaded.

At 31, I’m not getting any younger.

At 31, as a blogger, I’m always in search for interesting stories to share, packaging them for mass consumption. While I originally thought 30 was a big deal, 31’s the last age where I can take a day per post and have a month line up so well with my age. And with my birthday coming up in July, May’s my last chance to get it all out the way I’d like!

So after getting through a very busy month, I sat down, trying to figure out what I hope to accomplish with 31 Things.

I write 31 Things recognizing that life isn’t always amazing. I’m lucky enough to have learned not only my experiences, but also those of the people around me—I didn’t always make it out unscathed, and still make plenty of mistakes, but I’m eternally grateful for the issues I did avoid, eventually regaining my footing when things looked bleak.

31 Things—The Most Honest Way I Have to Show You Who I Am.

31 Things won’t be for everyone—it’s meant as a nudge in the right direction for those who need it, putting enough fire under their asses to make something of their time and not wallow in inaction. It’s meant as a way to keep myself grounded, taking a rare moment to look back at everything I’ve lived through ’til now; not hurriedly scamper forward as I’m usually wont to do. It’s just a very honest portrayal of 31 things in my life that may or may not help you with yours—I’d say that choice is entirely up to you.

So starting tomorrow, prepare for a very different month here at CaseyPalmer.com while I share 31 lessons that make me who I am today… for better or worse. If they resonate with you, or better—make a change in your life, do let me know! I ain’t hard to find!

I hope you enjoy it!

May this series etch a mark on your heart,

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