A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 6 — In Security Mode Thanks to Belkin Qode! (Featured Image)

Belkin Qode | Getting You in Security Mode

A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 6

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 02:52 am

I can hardly believe it’s been over 4½ years since I scrambled to get my hands on an iPad 2 so I could have it while overseas, knowing that the lightweight tablet paired with an Apple Keyboard would travel far better than the 17″ MacBook Pro I rocked then. I still have it at home—its Magic Cover’s seen better days, frayed and torn from years of wear and tear; the skin of Justin Bua’s Piano Man II still sticking proudly to its back after everything it’s been through. Though I’d later move on to lighter laptops and smaller tablets to get things done, I know full well that my iPad would never have lasted as long as it has it wasn’t protected. Several adventures and devices with matching cases later, it’s a lesson I’ve carried with me, working hard to make the most of my tech in a world where everything’s become so… disposable.

That said, for Day 6 of A Case Cringle Christmas, I want to offer you the same sense of security I feel when I use my devices, and make sure one of my readers winds up with a Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for the iPad Air 2!

Priced at $170, the Qode is definitely one of the most complete options you’ll find for protecting an iPad. It’s a hardshell case with a built-in backlit keyboard connected via Bluetooth. Need to change your iPad orientation while it’s connected? It’s got that. Need it to stand so you can watch a flick or connect a second device to work with? It’s got that, too! With a device as fragile as most things we own in this touchscreen era (and don’t lie—I see all y’all with your cracked screens…), preventing unforeseen issues from ever happening is far preferable to figuring out how can afford a replacement due to your unpreparedness.

Hit the Mother Lode with the Belkin Qode—Keep Your Tech Protected Without Fail!

The secret of buying Christmas gifts for people that’re hard to shop for is getting them things they need before they even know they need them. We often buy things as a fix after the damage is already done, but think how much better off we’d be if we made decisions with a little foresight and got everything we needed from the start?

For all that the Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case has to offer, there’s a feature that isn’t listed on the box — security. There’s something to be said for not needing to worry about the things we pour all our hard-earned money into, for after all… it’s not like it grows on trees. I’ve learned from the misplaced iPods, hard drives sans backups and stripped headphones of my youth, and realized if I just safeguard my stuff with a few extra dollars to keep them with me from the outset, my future will always see me tackling new challenges—not retracing my steps again and again to fix the things I did wrong.

Good luck to all who enter, and as we close in on those final shopping hours before Christmas, remember this—’tis the season for giving; not getting into brawls at the mall just because your fellow shopper took the last toy off the shelf and you saw it first!

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A Case Cringle Christmas

“A Case Cringle Christmas” was a contest series that ran from December 18-25, 2015, giving readers the opportunity to win prizes from several brands who contributed to the series!

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Disclaimer: This was another giveaway made possible by the folks at Belkin, and while I don’t have an iPad Air 2 myself, I really wish I did because this case is sweet.

You can learn more about Belkin on their site, or through their social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

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