The Best Buy He-Shed — Where Tech and Design Can BOTH Call HOME. (Featured Image)

The Best Buy He-Shed

Where Tech and Design Can BOTH Call HOME.

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Last updated on February 18th, 2024 at 03:05 am

November 10th-12th marked the fourth annual Gentlemen’s Expo here in Toronto, ON, an event designed to show men everything they need to live life to the fullest. From clothes to booze to tech and more, it was a weekend go-to for any man looking to take his game to the next level.

And smack in the middle of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s South Building was the Best Buy He-Shed, a men’s haven chock full of stuff that you wouldn’t expect from Canada’s biggest tech retailer!

Designed by the highly-acclaimed Christine Dovey, the Best Buy He-Shed stood as a testament to the traditional man cave, but draped in an aesthetic that made it anything but. The ultimate backyard retreat for the modern man, the He-Shed married chic décor with sleek tech to give enough options for any man to make it a space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

While there, Christine took me on a tour of the space, including chatting with vendors who embodied the tips she laid out for any guy to create a He-Shed that’s both tech-forward and perfectly personalised!

Three Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Technology!

Tip #1: Embrace technology that doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality

It’s 2016, and relying on 10m cables to keep our home entertainment devices running just feels so yesteryear. The He-Shed showed options like the SONOS Play:1 wireless speakers, the Sony 65″ 4K Ultra UDH HDR LED Android Smart TV, and the Philips HUE Smart LED Wireless Dimmer Switch to show how you can really shape your space without buying bulky furniture to camouflage your cords!

In speaking with Peter Rzepka, SONOS’ Retail Experience Specialist for Ontario, we chatted on everything that makes their speakers a perfect complement for my life:

  • Compact size which means you can put it just about anywhere you like
  • Deceptively clean sound from such a small unit, even more so when you use two at a time as left and right units in a stereo pair, and
  • They’re never obsolete, with access to 30+ music streaming services and receiving software updates whenever available

The audiophile in me wants to raise kids with a strong appreciation for quality sound, so hopefully, you’ll see more of SONOS in the future!

Tip #2: Transform the space using technology to make your He-Shed an expression of you

It’s one thing to fill your space with sights and sounds, but you can add so much more when you take time to add to the atmosphere, too. To help make your He-Shed your own, Christine suggested the Nanoleaf Aurora Smart LED Light Panel to fill the space with light that matches your mood; a Danby 5.2 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Keg Refrigerator that even has a CO2 tank to keep beer carbonated and refreshing; and a NOON VR Headset when you really want a temporary respite, immersing yourself in distraction-free audio and video!

I even spoke with a Nanoleaf rep on-site for some inside information, and while it may prove hard to find an Aurora before Christmastime, I look forward to brightening my home with some 3-D sculptures of my own when they put their bendable connectors out come January!

Tip #3: Be sure to get the most out of modern technology

The third tip is to take advantage of what Best Buy‘s best known for, and use technology to improve your fitness, your style, and your quality of life! You can do this with the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote, a single remote to control every device in your He-Shed; the iHealth Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter and iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor to monitor your oxygen intake levels and blood pressure; or—perish the thought—even take a step outside the He-Shed and take to the skies with a DJI MAVIC Foldable Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Camera & Controller, taking a moment to appreciate your handiwork from angles you couldn’t normally hit by human means alone.

My love for DJI doesn’t stop there—the on-site DJI rep and I gushed over our mutual love for the DJI Osmo and the many family videos I’ll be shooting in 4K!

It’s 2016, y’all—there’s so much technology can do for you… sometimes you just need someone to show you the way!

The Best Buy He-Shed—Because Your Mancave Need Not Look So Prehistoric!

Best Buy may be Canada’s biggest tech retailer, but tech is far from all they’ve got to offer! With everything needed to fill a He-Shed both smart and stylish, they make it easy to find the swag to master your domain in no time.

So have at it, friends—now that you’ve got a taste of what you can put in your He-Shed to make it yours, all that’s left is getting out there to make it happen!

My fellow dudes, enjoy your He-Shed—whatever it looks like—and until the next, I remain,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Disclaimer: Best Buy did indeed compensate me for this post, including tickets to The Gentlemen’s Expo so I could better connect with my gentleman’s gentleman lurking within! However, I am a huge technophile, and can guarantee you that I’d love to fill my home with plenty of things I saw at the show! I hope you enjoyed the read!


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