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Last updated on February 11th, 2024 at 02:19 am

I think we’re all broken in one way or another. With some people, it’s a little more obvious—they might not look the same as everyone else. They might act a little funny. There’s people we can point out that aren’t the same as everybody else quite easily.

But what about the rest of us? Those of us who don’t show our battle scars so easily?

It’s easy to condemn the world. We look at a world full of war, crime and injustice, and we shake our heads at the horrors we inflict upon one another. We see friends, family and acquaintances perform acts that are morally wrong and we look down on them while trying to sweep their indiscretions under the rug. But we all have a dark side; it’s just that when it comes to ourselves, we absolve ourselves whenever we do something we know we shouldn’t be doing. We justify why we knowingly do things that may not be the best for us or for others, because there has to be a good reason for it, right?

Your dark side, or your shadow self, is always there. It’s lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to take control. It feeds off of your negative emotions, resentments and bitterness to drive you to do things you normally wouldn’t. Your dark side may know you better than you know yourself! Which in turn makes your dark side one of your worthiest—not to mention deadliest adversaries!

We all have moments where we’re not at our best. We get in all sorts of dark moods where the slightest provocation could set us off. We do and say things that we’ll later regret. Our consciences haunt us from bad decisions we’ve made in the past. But yet, we still continue to let this other side of ourselves take over from time to time, wreaking havoc and destruction wherever they go.

I’ve been fighting my own demons for a few days now, myself. Something really upset my balance, and it’s taken some effort to keep that side of me in check. Every time he wants to stir something up, I have to push him back down and stop him from doing possibly irreparable damage. It’s not easy at all, but when I feel weak and think that he’ll succeed, I just think about what would happen if I did let him have his way.

It’s the consequences that make all the difference. They’re what keep us from acting out any- and everything that our ids tell us to do.

So for now, it’s Casey 1, Dark Side 0. Hopefully I, and everyone else facing some challenging times, can keep it that way.

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