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Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers don't have to look clunky — Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Chargers combine fashion and functionality!

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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review of Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Chargers, but all opinions remained my own.

With working from home becoming a much bigger part of the picture for so many of us thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to make the most of our spaces since we’re in them so often.

Wireless Charging | What IS It?

Wireless charging, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is exactly what it sounds like—charging your mobile device without needing to plug your device in to do it. It’s not quite as space-age as it sounds—you still need to lay your device on some sort of surface to make the charging happen, but those surfaces have started looking a lot more stylish than they used to!

Enter: The Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Chargers, from Your Friends at Canadian Tire!

Inspired by the possibilities when you bring the natural and technological worlds together, Canadian Tire explores properly introducing wireless charging into the home with their Bluehive brand, which keeps people connected on the go with innovative and stylish mobile electronic accessories!

  1. The Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad ($39.99), which is a single bamboo pad to put a device on for charging,
  2. The Bluehive 10W Wireless Charge Pad with Arch LED Light ($59.99), which adds an adjustable light over the charging area,
  3. And, the Bluehive Foldable 10W Wireless Charge Pad with LED Lamp ($89.99), which has a foldable lamp, a USB port for charging your older technology, and adjustable colour temperature to meet the mood of your space!

But in case you’re like me and want to see all the information before you make your decision, I put a little chart together that should make it a little easier for you!

Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Chargers | Which One’s Right for YOU?

 The Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Charging PadThe Bluehive 10W Wireless Charge Pad with Arch LED LightThe Bluehive Foldable 10W Wireless Charge Pad with LED Lamp
Charge TypeMicro USBUSB-CDC Wall Adaptor
10 W Wireless Fast ChargingYesYesYes
Compatible with all Qi®-Enabled DevicesYesYes 
Foreign Object DetectionYes Yes
LED Charging IndicatorYesNoNo
Real BambooYesNoYes
Adjustable BrightnessNoYesYes
Adjustable LED LightNoYesNo
Integrated Phone StandNoYesNo
USB Port with 1A Total ChargeNoNoYes
Adjustable Colour TemperatureNoNoYes
Includes Wall AdaptorNoNoYes

The Bluehive Bamboo Wireless Charger | A Perfect Gift for Just About Anyone!

So if you’re looking for something this holiday season that’s stylish enough to fit in just about any home but does more than just sit around and look pretty, Bluehive’s Bamboo 10W wireless chargers should definitely make your list! Technology’s constantly evolving, and with new innovations come new possibilities, whether that’s using a lamp to charge your phone or a fridge smart enough to track your groceries for you. The world’s more connected than ever—so why not take some baby steps to tomorrow… today?

Happy holiday hunting out there, everyone!

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