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BN3TH | How to Dress Your Best in a Pandemic!

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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 08:12 am

Question: can you make underwear so comfortable that it barely feels like you’re wearing underwear at all? That’s the question BN3TH hopes to answer!

I first got into upscale underwear in 2012 when I started winning them at tweetups. They were a vast upgrade from the boxers and tighty whities that came before them, and a step closer to becoming the kind of Dad who doesn’t sacrifice style just because the world thinks we should.

See, I want to make fatherhood cool again. Suits, not sweats. Dividends, not debts. Letting our children enhance our lives—not learning to live with regrets.

Popular media’s vilified Dads for who knows how long, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’re not buffoons. We’re not aloof. There’re plenty of Dads putting their hearts, minds and souls into raising great children, and it’s a story we need to dive into far more often. I want to show that we don’t need to exchange the things defining our character to hold up our ends of the parenting bargain—we can kill it and still hit the gym. Or rock a three-piece. Or keep travelling, indulging and enjoying fancy foods without somehow feeling like we’re betraying our kids.

It’s time that we shift the narrative around fatherhood, and BN3TH very much agrees.

The Magic Behind BN3TH Underwear!

What BN3TH knows is that fashion’s something worth investing in, because increased comfort makes for better performance. And that means using highly breathable fabrics that’re both insanely soft and prevent against chafing. Or sourcing TENCEL™ Modal Fibers that come from sustainable wood and pulp sources and keep them out of landfills with long-lasting garments. This North Vancouver company’s in the business of making radically better underwear, and they want more men to find out just how much of a difference great underwear can make.

Which is why if you want to give it a try, BN3TH wants to hook you up with a 20% discount if you use the code CASEY20 at checkout! I got to try out their Classics Trunks and their long pyjama pants, myself, and I’m telling you—I might never go back.

BN3TH. They’ve Got Your Butt Covered!

It’s like an Uber driver once told me—

“In Toronto, there’s no such thing as ‘bad weather’—there’s just wearing the wrong clothing.”

In a city whose temperatures can swing from 40° in the summer to -35° in the winter (that’s 104 to -31 for all y’all using Fahrenheit), you invest in the right wardrobe for the right temperature, because you know that comfort is key.

But why limit it to what’s on the outside, when we should think about what’s much closer to the skin as well?

From Fruit of the Loom to SAXX, from SAXX to Hanes and back—I’ve tried a lot when it comes to underwear. But BN3TH is the first pair that’s surprised me in a while, and I’m not mad at that!

Just because we’re in quarantine doesn’t mean we need to give up on ourselves—make your testes your besties and show them the love they deserve.

Try BN3TH—they’ve got your butt covered! (And incidentally, your balls, too!)

Keep comfy out there,

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Disclaimer: BN3TH sent me some apparel to review, but as always, I review honest and true! You can find more of BN3TH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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