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How Buffalo Wild Wings Helps You Enjoy the Fastest Game on Earth!

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It’s an undisputed fact that Canada’s Hockey Nation. I didn’t grow up with it myself, but Canada deeply respects its hockey—it even runs through the veins of those who’ve never touched a rink! And so, one should never underestimate our sporting culture and how rabid our fans can get when it comes to the fastest game on earth!

Which is why you shouldn’t watch it alone.

The Fastest Game on Earth Brought to You by Buffalo Wild Wings!—World Cup of Hockey at Buffalo Wild Wings—Buffalo Wild Wings Oakville Location

To celebrate the sport that whips us all into a frenzy, Buffalo Wild Wings invited me to check them out during the World Cup of Hockey.

But I couldn’t make it—being a family man means carving out family time, so I wasn’t leaving on a Saturday for anything short of the Rapture ????

Good thing I knew a hockey fan or two willing to take my place!

And so two Trolls, my brother, and his friend came together at Buffalo Wild Wings Oakville for great grub, great people, and a great place to see Canada kick ass in the World Cup of Hockey!

Buffalo Wild Wings knows hockey fans well—they’re serious about sports, knowing exactly how to ring in the WCOH in style, with:

  • More than 40 flat screens per location to show every game that’s playing
  • Survival kits to help their fans through the 5 Stages of Hockey Fandom
  • A professional face painter to let everyone show their spirit

And the effort was worth it—when Team Canada trounced the Czech Republic 6-0, B-Dubs Oakville’s roar rung all the way to Prague and back!

Buffalo Wild Wings—A Sports Bar for Sports FANS: The Tailgate Party that JUST WON’T STOP.

The Fastest Game on Earth Brought to You by Buffalo Wild Wings!—Buffalo Wild Wings Invests in Sports

Sports are best enjoyed with others as passionate as you, and B-Dubs gives fans what they need for an experience hard to find elsewhere!

So whether you’re at Buffalo Wild Wings for hockey, MMA, or the Blue Jays’ ALCS run, B-Dubs has you covered with delicious menu options that’ll keep your tummy filled while your team goes for the win! And if you’ve never stepped foot in one, you should check it out—but be careful: it might just be the last time you make yourself a stranger!

Good luck to all who enter and until the next, I remain,

–case p.

Disclaimer: Buffalo Wild Wings compensated me—and by “me”, I mean “the four people who went in my stead”—with a gift card large enough that it’d prove difficult for a group that size to order enough food to use it all up.

And defeat the gift card they did not.

By Casey E. Palmer

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Win or lose you have to stick with your team!! Perfect example — the Maple Leafs! Yes I am a fan win or lose — don’t be a bandwagon rider! Proudly wear your team colours even through the worst of times!

We’re huge sports fans especially for the Blue Jays. We have so much memorabilia in our Den area, it’s crazy. The most impressive one is the 4×6 flag we have up in the corner! 😀

I have to admit that I am not a big sports fan but I do enjoy wings! I do try to cheer on the Blue Jays & Maple Leafs from time to time.

I wouldn’t say I am as crazy into sports … not like my husband and my dad! my dad is everything Habs! his Hab room is wall to wall pictures, hab curtains, picture frames, a hanging light, jerserys on the wall…it’s crazy

I put a dummie on my front lawn in a chair with the Jays uniform on. For halloween and till the end of the season for the Jays. Which will be when the win it all.

I am a sports fan, I watch the Jays and Leaf games – I wear my jerseys to show my support. We try to attend the events live but, $$ usually gets in the way. I follow them whether they win or lose!

OMGosh I wish I had season tickets. I can’t actually afford to go to hockey games, but I am a HUGE Flames fan, win or lose, and I follow the games, get all the twitter updates to my phone, and the “art” on my walls are professionally framed posters that the Calgary Herald put out on Canada Day 2004 that were enlarged prints of the front pages on the paper from our Cup run that year.

My hubby & I are big sports fans because were even willing to drive to another country to see our favourite team play!!

In our house you DON’T miss watching the Blue Jays……big big fans and believe me IF we had the money, (we got the time!) we’d be at every home game!!

I follow my team like crazy even though I live 6_+ hours away and Id like to move closer one day so I can own season tickets

I try to watch every game with my family to cheer on my team (s)! I also wear my fan gear for luck!

The only time I really go nuts anymore is at a Blue Jays game….I wear the ‘stuff’ –hehe I am an ultimate fan, but don’t go overboard ….

I think I’m a big sports fan through always being a tomboy and wishing I had a brother. I got into leafs hockey because of and for my dad growing up (famously painting my face blue one year during playoffs and thinking I gave them bad luck) and now I enjoy it in a new way with my husband. The endless underdog factor helps keep the desire strong to feel the excitement of a win.

My dad got me involved in watching hockey at an early age, we went to many games in the 80’s & it was the most exciting when the Calgary Flames won the cup in ’89! I had books, stickers, cards, posters, jerseys. As an adult I’m not as involved anymore but still very much enjoy the games.

Fan, or stat keeper. I am not sure what to call myself. I am the “wife” who creates the excel spreadsheets for hubbies buddies who create their own little drafts. I seem to be the one who is most organised and the only one who knows excel. It helps I don’t have a interest in a particular team so I remain neutral. Do I get paid or appreciated? No. It just easier if I do it than try to explain how to do it. HaHa Go Team Go…. I have no idea lol

I am a huge sports fan and love the Jays, Maple Leafs and Raptors. I never miss a game and I wear all my gear everytime I watch.

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