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Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 11:22 pm

Quitting Boring Summers Cold Turkey!

It’s hard to believe that summer’s around the corner when you live in a city that feels a lot more March and a lot less May (I’d’ve said February, but we all know how horrible that was….)

This one will be a fairly new experience for me. Summer 2014 was fun enough, experiencing my city in different ways now that we had a baby to mind, but it’s not like he was going anywhere. Six-month olds crawl around at the best of times, and our son was content spending most of the summer planted firmly in place, simply marvelling at the new world around him.

For some reason, though, I don’t think we’ll have it as easy this time around.

Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems, Right?

Now fully mobile, the kiddo’s preferred place to play is anywhere but home. He’s all about walks around the block and exploring local parks… but if it has four walls and he’s stuck inside it, no dice. So it helps that we’ve worked on the backyard a little this year1 to make it somewhere he can truly enjoy himself while we occupy ourselves with the things that parents do!

And in our backyard, there’re plenty of activities to help get the most out of summer! We could play with our son in his sandbox or on his water table; we could laze about on our zero gravity chairs under the shade of our trees, or we could even do one of my favourite activities—grilling some meat on the BBQ for my friends and me to nosh on!

And what better reason to try with meat I rarely get to work with—turkey.

Butterball Canada and Casey Palmer—A match made in a very delicious state of mind 😊

With the thought of delicious summer delights in mind, I’m pleased to announce that Butterball Canada has partnered with yours truly as its first male ambassador to start ramping up the summer with its #LetsGetGrilling campaign!

With many of us used to all manner of meat gracing our grills—filling the empty bellies of those we care about —we don’t often associate this season of sun-kissed faces with food we usually reserve for wintertime holidays.

You think Butterball, you think 20-pound Thanksgiving turkeys as the centrepieces of our dinner table spreads. But what of their turkey burger ilk, the turkey franks and crispy turkey bacon when appetites grow particularly ravenous? If your grill and Butterball’s line of turkey products have yet to get acquainted, perhaps I can help you get to know each other!

4 out of 5 doctors agree that getting your grill on is the gateway to a better summer. The last doctor didn’t get propane in time for the first warm day and was moody when it all sold out 😂

There’re only two seasons in Toronto—summer, and the frozen horror we call “winter”. Or winter and August. Or winter and construction… whatever — the point is that our summers don’t last very long in this city (or nation, except if you’re in Calgary, which seems to have stolen all of our good weather2), and you’ve gotta make the most of them while you can.

As for my fam, despite life’s determination to keep the three of us busy and cooped up for the season, there’s plenty in the works for the months ahead. Whether it’s sharing food with friends or leaving on jet planes to see more of this beautiful country, there’s no time like the present to give it all a shot!

Especially when you’re not trapped under a ridiculous sheet of ice!

Whatever you do, get your grill on, my friends! Get up, get out, and quit those boring summers cold turkey.

Butterball and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Until the next,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Disclaimer: While compensated for this post and while I may or may not be stuffing some turkey sausage to my face right now, here’re some things I can tell you:

  • turkey is delicious.
  • grilling is awesome.
  • I like writing unconventional disclaimers.

Butterball helps with all of these! So dust off that apron, turn on that propane (or natural gas, charcoal—whatever’s clever), and start making that summer amazing! Adios amigos!

  1. And by “we”, I mean through Sarah’s hard efforts cleaning it up while I helped with the mowing, pruning and bagging of the yard waste in the back. She’s way better at this planning and home decor business than me! ↩︎
  2. Thanks, guys. ↩︎


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