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Last updated on March 17th, 2021 at 02:48 pm

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Influencers. Creators. DADDY BLOGGERS. Call us what you like, we’re here to change the GAME.

Let’s start with the basics—yes, Canadian dad influencers exist.

Three Canadian dads and an American dad at Dad 2.0 2018 in New Orleans!

While I repeatedly say that dads overall need to do a much better job of sharing their journeys, there’s a handful of us still ferociously protective of our young, but still telling our tales without overexposing them to the dangers of the world. We create for our peers that may never see our work, understanding that we need to put in the time and energy to make sure we’re telling our stories instead of having them told for us. It’s easy to believe the hype and think we’re not bringing much to the table, but even if we’re but a mere fraction of the 4.5 million dads we have from Canadian coast to coast, we hope it’s enough to start at least changing our narrative.

But here’s the question: Do Dad stories even MATTER? Do we NEED Dad Influencers?

Here’s the reality—Mom influencers are a reckoning force, hundreds if not thousands in number here in Canada alone. They paved the way for parent influencers everywhere, successfully securing brand ambassadorships, powerful partnerships and vast social media audiences, collectively forming a blogging ecosystem unto their own where they could take their pre-existing communities and build them into something bigger. We saw everything from birth stories and breastfeeding to the tales of what happens as the kids grow up over the years. First steps. First loves. The first times they make their way out into the world.

But the more we look at these stories, the more we realise that dads can tell them too, and it’s important that more of us start doing it.

The Google Search Engine Result Page for “top canadian dad influencers” with a result from my page at the top position, or “position zero” as the SEO community calls it.

Until I got this list out, a Google Search for “Canadian” and “dads” brought up results from 2017 at best, making me feel like nobody cared about Canadian fathers. Do we ever talk about our dads? Are Canadian dad viewpoints even included in the parenting conversation? It inspired me to sit down and create something that’d at least make us a little easier to find.

Canadian Dad Influencers exist, and it’s time to tell you ALL about it.

When Dads get together, it’s always a good time!

Creating content is a precarious balance, though. There are names I’d love to include, reaching back to the days where we were still Canadian Dad Bloggers, but the Dad Life is really busy, and content creation often takes a back seat to the other priorities in our lives. That said, it’s a list that I hope to see grow, as sixty-odd fathers can’t even start to scratch the surface of what fatherhood’s all about.

Even in our group alone, you have BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson, whose Family is About Love explores what “family” looks like regardless of who’s in it. Dale Allen Berg talks about life raising children with special needs and how the complexities of his life don’t stop him from being a great husband and father alike. 2020’s had me struggling with being the Black dad of a mixed family; Joseph Tito continues his truly inspirational life as a single, gay, adoptive father of twins… no two stories are alike, and that’s what we’re really trying to drive home about fatherhood—that it’s not as simple as the world would have us think!

Why does a list of dadfluencers matter, though?

So with all this work put into the list, some people have asked why I didn’t just take all my research and sell it to PR firms as a service instead of putting it online for free.

It’s because making a quick buck’s not the point.

This list is to cultivate a presence for all of our dadfluencers across the country, making them seen in a space they’re often not represented.

Here’s what some have had to say about the list so far:

But why “dad influencers”, though? Why don’t we focus on ALL parenting influencers?

Something I’ve gone back and forth on with my parent influencer peers of late is whether it’s even necessary to separate parenting creators into mom influencers and dad influencers anymore.

And I’m admittedly torn—while I feel that moms and dads should feel equally empowered to do anything that parenting asks of them outside of breastfeeding the world doesn’t necessarily see things that way, offering very different experiences between moms and dads as they work to understand how to parent their kids in an increasingly complex world.

So while the world still feels like a place where fathers are very secondary and there aren’t nearly enough dad stories out there to change the narrative, I’ll continue to champion my fellow dads until we figure out.

On to the dads, though—some of the BEST Canadian influencers!

But without further ado, let me introduce you to the dads who challenge expectations, making people laugh, cry and do everything in between. Though I spent some time compiling this, I won’t pretend it’s completely exhaustive—make sure to add anyone I’ve missed through the form at the bottom so we can keep showing the rest of Canada what we’ve got!

I hope you find this list useful—thanks for checking it out!

Welcome to the Top Dad Influencers in Canada (Or Rather… ALL the Dad Influencers in Canada!)

Brand NameBrandLocationInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube
Casey Palmer, Canadian DadCasey Palmer, Canadian DadToronto, ON
Dale Allen BergDale Allen BergKelowna, BC
SocialDadSocialDadVancouver, BC
Dai ManuelDai ManuelVancouver, BC
A Dad in the BurbsA Dad in the BurbsNew Westminister, BC
Stephen Fung Dot NetStephen Fung Dot NetCoquitlam, BC
Beyond the RhetoricBeyond the RhetoricVancouver, BC
Dad ThingsDad ThingsVancouver, BC
Dad CampDad CampCalgary, AB
Dashing DadDashing DadCalgary, AB
The UnDadThe UnDadEdmonton, AB
The Art of DadThe Art of DadCanmore, AB
A Crock of SchmidtA Crock of SchmidtCalgary, AB
Family FilmmakerFamily FilmmakerCalgary, AB
Canadian DadCanadian DadOttawa, ON
Goat Roti ChroniclesGoat Roti ChroniclesMississauga, ON
The Urban DaddyThe Urban DaddyToronto, ON
Big Daddy KreativBig Daddy KreativOakville, ON
Daddy RealnessDaddy RealnessHamilton, ON
Wandering WagarsWandering WagarsMilton, ON
Keith McArthurKeith McArthurToronto, ON
EverydayGirlDadEverydayGirlDadOttawa, ON
EnviroDadEnviroDadAjax, ON
Dad Goes RoundDad Goes RoundOttawa, ON
Dad Mode: OnDad Mode: OnMarkham, ON
Dad Rock DadDad Rock DadToronto, ON
DanforthDadDanforthDadToronto, ON
This Daddy LifeThis Daddy LifeToronto, ON
They Call Me DadThey Call Me DadCambridge, ON
Life With BenjaminLife With BenjaminCalgary, AB
A Dad's AdventuresA Dad's AdventuresWhite Rock, BC
Family Is About LoveFamily Is About LoveToronto, ON
Canadian Fit DadCanadian Fit DadYellowknife, NWT
Dads with AttitudeDads with AttitudeMilton, ON
The Dad DiariesThe Dad DiariesToronto, ON
Rick CampanelliRick CampanelliBurlington, ON
Roz WestonRoz WestonToronto, ON
BockFiveBockFiveLa Salle, MB
BrittlestarBrittlestarStratford, ON
Just Dad Bloggin'Just Dad Bloggin'Northumberland County, ON
Pop CulturePop CultureToronto, ON
Answer the TullyphoneAnswer the TullyphoneDieppe, NB
MenGetPregnantTooMenGetPregnantTooMontreal, QUE
Parenting to GoParenting to GoToronto, ON
LunarbaboonLunarbaboonToronto, ON
The Baby GangThe Baby GangCambridge, ON
Rad Dads EdmontonRad Dads EdmontonEdmonton, AB
DadspottingDadspottingToronto, ON
Four Columns of a Balanced LifeFour Columns of a Balanced LifeToronto, ON
Nick NorthNick NorthSalt Spring Island, BC
How to HockeyHow to HockeyHuntsville, ON
The Dad CodeThe Dad CodeWindsor, ON
The Longest StrideThe Longest StrideToronto, ON
Eat FamousEat FamousToronto, ON
Bobby UmarBobby UmarToronto, ON
The Unfit DadThe Unfit DadNorthumberland, ON
Xandrae's WorldXandrae's WorldToronto, ON
DadoffdutyDadoffdutyToronto, ON
The DadventuristThe DadventuristGimli, MB
Real DadsReal DadsBarrie, ON
Flawed Dad PodcastFlawed Dad PodcastVancouver, BC

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