Canon Canada's PIXMA All-in-One Shows Us a Better Way to Print!

Canon PIXMA All-in-One

Shows Us a Better Way to Print!

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Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 10:48 pm

Yeah, I’m that guy. The guy who’s still printing the documents he needs to edit because he likes the look and feel of red ink hitting the page. The guy with the notepad on the subway scribing out his thoughts, knowing that they’ll ring truer than if he went straight to the computer keys. That guy who holds on to copies of everything, not knowing when it’ll come in handy sometime in the future.

I’m old school, and there ain’t no shame about it.

Sometimes You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

I’ll admit it, though—old school’s not always the way to go. Though I can survive with older tech, the industry evolves as quickly as it does for a reason, and the things you don’t know you’re missing could very well change your life!

My old printer hearkens back to when you’d cling to your landline phone, never leaving its side for fear that you’d miss the important call you were waiting for. But phones evolved, migrating from their fixed spots on our walls and bedside tables to the palms of just about every hand you see around you.

So why not expect the same of printers? Why don’t we propel ourselves into a world where we don’t need to be next to—or even in the same room as—the printers we send our requests to? We’ve seen it with computers and TVs—the time to rethink how we interact with our ageing technologies is long overdue, something Canon’s looking to solve with their PIXMA Printing Solutions!

Age-wise, I’m in that weird middle ground where I’m young enough to still listen to rap, but old enough to remember a childhood where I printed school projects on dot-matrix printers. I remember sitting in computer labs as my documents slowly churned from communal printers, knowing I couldn’t go to class until my hulking inkjet overlords decided that they were done devouring my time for yet another day.

But there’s a better world out there—one where our printers can keep up with their computing kin, capable of just as much mobility as we have. Where we don’t have to settle for photo prints that’re “good enough”, or using egregious sums of ink for quality that yields only a collective “eh”. While it’s awesome when our tech lasts for decades on end, when today’s tech can do in seconds what our relics took minutes to do, that time adds up—that’s when it’s time to take a good look at the things you use most, asking whether they’re still giving you what you need years down the road!

Because I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do than wait around all day on documents that aren’t quite up to snuff!

The Canon PIXMA All-in-One—A Better Way to Scan, Print

We’ve come a long way since the Dark Ages of Printing, machines with complicated menus and manuals thick as the phone book just to understand how to use them.

These days, apps do the talking instead, letting you print, scan and check ink levels from your mobile device, wherever you are! You often don’t even need a computer to print anymore—with Canon’s PIXMA Cloud Link, for example, you can use web templates to create your documents, view and print photos directly from Picasa—you can even tap your device to the printer if it’s NFC-enabled and send your photos over, no fuss, no muss! The options are nearly endless!

So what say you—will you stay tangled in the cords and wires that shackle you to your workspace, or evolve to a world that’ll let you do things the way you want when you want to do them? Will you stay behind technology’s curve in an ever-advancing world, or will you keep your mind open to all the things that are possible, helping give back some of your time—a resource scarce enough as it is?

Whatever you choose, it’s a big world out there—Canon’s PIXMA All-in-One series just aims to make it a little… brighter.

Adios amigos,

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While compensated for this post, I can tell you if you’re not evolving with the times, you’re living life a heckuva lot harder than you need to! Take a look at the things in your life that’re holding you back, and maybe you can find something out there that can bring some much-needed efficiency!

You can find Canon Canada online at their website or their Facebook page!

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