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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 11:50 am

Once upon a time, not really all that long ago (July), there was a young man who’d had the foresight to sign up to the TTC’s Metropass Discount Plan. He was eagerly (okay, maybe not THAT eagerly) awaiting the arrival of his pass for the following month. Usually it would arrive somewhere between the 15th and 20th of the month before, but for some reason, it seems that it would not be so this time. Oh he would wait. And wait. And wait. But the beginning of the month would come around, and there would be no pass in site! So, to his horror, he had no choice but to purchase a SECOND Metropass, knowing fully well that the first one would still be charged to his bank account, regardless of whether or not it actually came in.

Well this wouldn’t do. This would not do at all. So he decided to contact the office that administers such matters related to the Metropass Discount Plan. It took him a couple of weeks to do it (for this is the way it goes in his line of work, as there is always much to do and little time to contact these administration offices), but he did eventually contact them through the magic of e-mail. After some back and forth, an agreement was made for our young hero to bring in both passes so that a refund could be made. 

But he only had the pass that he shouldn’t have had to have gotten in the first place! What would he do?

Deus ex machina! Through a stroke of luck, the August monthly pass was delivered with the September pass! Huzzah!

On the 23rd of August! Not so huzzah!

But anyway, with both passes in hand, he forged a path to the MDP office in the TTC main office in the distant land of Davisville Station. There he waited in line. Fortunately, said line was short, for he was on his lunch break. When he made his way up to the window, he was surprised at two things:

1—How FRIENDLY the guy on the other side of the glass (which he wondered whether it was bullet-proof) was

2—The fact that they had WORKED together SEVERAL years ago

It is a small world after all! So all was well that ended well. Forms were filled, conversations had, and our hero went home $121 richer (to be paid 4-6 weeks later, for this is apparently how long it takes to write a cheque)!

The moral of the story? Never screw anyone over, for you never know when they might be the one giving you your money!

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