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Stay Classy

“Nice guy” is  something I’ve been called. I’ve been called “funny”, too. Awesome, cool and caring — sure, if someone’s really trying to get my attention. But “classy”? Why I Don’t Think I’m Classy Despite my tenure in private school, classy was never something I aspired to. So that we […]


#SaugaTweetup was undoubtedly a success on Wednesday night. The best event bloggers in the city must be getting paid to write about the things they go to, because there’s no way you can hold a full-time job down, maintain a social life, be in a relationship (or a family, to […]

Please Break In Case of Identity Crisis

“Please break in case of identity crisis.” I’m of an age now where I’m too old for a quarter-life crisis and not quite old enough for a thrisis (i.e. the impending threat of turning 30 being on the near horizon), but there are times where an identity crisis […]

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