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Yeah, I’mΒ that guy. The guy who’s still printing the documents he needs to edit because he likes the look and feel of red ink hitting the page. The guy with the notepad on the subway scribing out his thoughts, knowing that they’ll ring truer than if he went straight to the computer keys. That guy who holds on to copies ofΒ everything, not knowing when it’ll come in handyΒ sometime in the future.

I’m totally old school, and there ain’t no shame about it.

Butterball Canada | You Can BBQ Turkey on the Grill, TOO!

It’s hard to believe that summer’s around the corner when you live in a city that feels a lot more March and a lot less May (I’d’ve said February, but we all know how horrible that was….)

This one will be a fairly new experience for me. Summer 2014 was fun enough, experiencing my city in different ways now that we had a baby to mind, but it’s not like he was going anywhere. Six-month olds crawl around at the best of times, and our son was content spending most of the summer planted firmly in place, simply marvelling at the new world around him.

For some reason, though, I don’t think we’ll have it as easy this time around.

The Art of Marketing Conference Toronto 2015

One of the things I continue returning to each time my creative tank feels empty is The Art Of’s speaker series, sessions geared to help you hone your skills in various specialty areas, including sales, leadership and small business.

With life being as hectic as it’s been lately, I had to step away from the #BloggerLife for days β€” but days can become weeks, weeks become months, and months becomeΒ years if you let them.

This unexpected hiatus was courtesy of many a reason β€” trips up to North Bay for some face time with our clients; Sarah’s birthday, Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary to plan for; a son who makes a scene every time I break the pen and paper out becauseΒ he wants to scribble,Β too β€” blogging simply ain’t as easy as it was before.

So,Β good thing another session’s right around the corner with The Art of Marketing at Toronto’s Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 25th!

Swiffer Behind the Clean

“Oh you gotta love it
Oh you got, oh you gotta love it”
— Drake, “6PM in New York”,Β If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late (2015)

New York, New York, it’s aΒ helluva town… but I was too busy enjoying itsΒ people to enjoy much of theΒ sights.

Casey Palmer x Swiffer Present β€” 36 Hours in NYC β€” Air Canada Pearson to LaGuardia Selfie
The look of a man on the start of a hectic but ultimately fun trip down to The Big Apple.

Earlier this month, CitizenΒ Canada reached out to see whether I’d be interested in flying out to NYC to interview Black-ish star Anthony Anderson on his experiences Behind the Clean β€” the numbers and narratives behind what being a DadΒ reallyΒ means today, specifically in handling household chores. I hadn’t hit The Big Apple since 2010 when I’d proposed to a certain woman I’m still coincidentallyΒ married to, so I figured why not? It’d be a good change of pace!

How little I knew of what would lie ahead…

Subway Canada Helps Me #BuildAWinner | #CarlsCrew Wrap-Up!

So it’s late April and we’re on the other end of the Carl’s Crew challenge sponsored by Subway Canada. Six weeks later, I’ll admit β€” I’m not muchΒ better than when I started. I’m still up at all hours working on the #BloggerLife, trying to turn all these ideas into… something. I still stress eat on the rough days at work, wolfing down Popeye’s three-pieces on the days thatΒ particularly suck. Life’s been dizzying lately, and while I’ve got a whole heap of reasons to take better care of myself, I repeatedly fail, continually choosing immediate gratification over long-term benefits.

I want to try, though. I’m a father now, and my son will pattern behaviour from what he sees around him. If he becomes a workaholic, it’ll be my fault. It he eats junk all the time, it’ll be my fault. I need to make better choices now to make the best possible future for him β€”Β and to make sure I’m partΒ of it!

So even though I wasn’t being all that I could during the six-week challenge, I know there’re things I can take from the experience, slowly applying them to my life to make theΒ right changes.