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I AM NOT A FOODIE: A Chance to WIN with Dempster’s #DIYSandwich!

For the past 6 years, I’ve had a unique job that sees a site change every 6 months or so. Most recently, I was banished exiled transferred to Yonge & Finch, where I quickly found the lunch options rather… limited*. So to save money and keep me healthy, […]

#BuytopiaPaintNite — Paint Nite Toronto — Banu — Group Shot — All the Buytopia Inner Circle Bloggers and their works of art!

We Paint Like the BOMB, Though at Paint Nite Toronto!

Once upon a time, drawing was all I’d ever do. I carried sketchbooks and supplies wherever I went, transforming my imagination into all sorts of pieces. I don’t know when I stopped, but if you’ve got a good thing going, never stop, because you never know when you’ll […]

Viamede Resort & Dining — Boat Cruise — A Cloudy Day at Viamede

All You Need’s at Viamede

If you’re like me and from big, bad Toronto, you don’t do the outdoor thing too often. Before dating Sarah, I never imagined I’d be climbing mountains, camping with my in-laws or taking extended leaves from my electronics. I was originally invited to Viamede Resort as part of a zombie survival-themed […]

Mattel Game On! Gameology — Pictionary Dice Game — Instructions

The Skinny Behind Mattel GAME ON!’s Gameology

In an age where everyone’s rocking games on every device they’ve got (Candy Crush Saga, anyone?), it’s surprising that board games are still alive and well. It wasn’t until well into dating Sarah that I’d come face to face with my inner board game geek over a game […]

Magnum Pleasure Shop — Rebecca Palmer's creation

I AM NOT A FOODIE: Getting #MyMagnum On at the Magnum Pleasure Store — Does it Live Up to the Hype?

You may have seen it from afar. You’ve heard people talk about it; you’ve seen it in the news. You see photos all over social media of these ice cream creations layered with all sorts of toppings, each on looking more individual than the next! And as of reading […]

The Jays watching their game.

SPONSORED POST: Take me out to the Ball Game — A Buytopia Deal

My Dad loves baseball. I don’t know whether it’s something hearkening from his days in Jamaica or a burning desire to show patriotism in his later life as a Canadian, but he’s fiercely followed the progress of the Toronto Blue Jays for as long as I can remember. […]

Scarborough Dishcrawl II — Wexford Heights BIA Sign

I AM NOT A FOODIE — Four Courses with Scarborough #Dishcrawl!

Somewhere in Scarborough is some sushi with your name on it. For someone who’d decided to keep west of Victoria Park Avenue, it seems like I’m spending a whole lotta time in Scarborough these days! In the land of strip malls, beauty salons and more ethnic diversity than […]

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