Pickering Museum Village

The Pickering Museum Village—an open-air museum located just outside of Toronto in Pickering, Ontario—offers a glimpse into the history of the Pickering area with an engaging family program that’ll both educate and entertain! As parents, what we’ve learned about parenting in a pandemic is that you’re constantly looking for activities to make the days interesting… Continue reading Pickering Museum Village

What IS a Dad? (Happy Father’s Day)

I didn’t know what to expect when I became a Dad. It wasn’t for a lack of good father figures: my father made sure I could handle whatever the world threw at me. My grandfather showed me how to stay devoted to relationships for decades. It was more because I had no clue what the world expected of… Continue reading What IS a Dad? (Happy Father’s Day)

SodaStream #BubblesMyWay—Keeping It Mum

For this month’s post, SodaStream asked: “What empowers you?” What keeps me going more than anything else is knowing I’m making a positive difference in the world. Whether through covering  things people wouldn’t consider otherwise; raising a son that’ll know the key to a successful life is the balance between being respected, respecting others and respecting oneself; or even… Continue reading SodaStream #BubblesMyWay—Keeping It Mum

SodaStream | Having #BubblesMyWay at My Son’s Baby Dedication!

SodaStream Flavours: Kool-Aid Tropical Punch, Cranberry Ocean Spray, Cranberry Raspberry Ocean Spray, Cranberry Grape Ocean Spray

What’s up, world?! I know, I know it’s been a bit, but when you’re balancing three competing yet utterly important parts of your life, they don’t always play well together! But while I’m weeks behind for my monthly wrap-up, there’re tales to be told before I get there, starting with a celebration for my (not-so-) little… Continue reading SodaStream | Having #BubblesMyWay at My Son’s Baby Dedication!

Brave New World

Last Updated: November 7, 2020. “Men are just little boys who got big. Women are just little girls who got big.” — Jack Winter I’ve sat on this post for a bit, trying to figure out what I could tell the world about fatherhood. Other than doubling in size while I was looking, in ways… Continue reading Brave New World

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