Fatherhood 101 | Learning Curves

One month down, 939 or so to go (well, a little less for me, of course). Fatherhood isn’t for every man, but it’s not as frightening as we think it is. I wish I spoke newborn. With Week Five of the Life and Times of DoomzToo wrapped up, I’m happy to say that fatherhood’s nothing… Continue reading Fatherhood 101 | Learning Curves

The Palmer Family | Baby Makes Three

If you’d asked me a decade ago whether getting married and having a kid were anywhere on my life’s horizon, I’d have laughed in your face and called you crazy. Even over the 10 years that followed, parenthood was a topic that barely registered in my mind—I was too busy wining, dining and having a… Continue reading The Palmer Family | Baby Makes Three

Stankin’ Tuesday

What up, what up, y’all? It’s your boy Case P. here on a Stankin’ Tuesday, where I was so distracted this morning that I forgot to put deodorant on, but them’s the breaks. Today I started a new job—in fact, the 9th job in the last 6 years. Now anywhere outside of government, this would… Continue reading Stankin’ Tuesday

What Makes a Good Dad? The Road to Fatherhood!

The dad is the unsung hero of parenting, and it’s easy to see why. They don’t grow babies inside of them for 40 weeks. They don’t breastfeed or have the same degree of parental instinct as mothers do. In many parenting situations I’ve seen, the role of the dad is ambiguous. Secondary to the mother. Perhaps… Continue reading What Makes a Good Dad? The Road to Fatherhood!

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