Children’s Mental Health Week

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 02:03 am

Ontarians celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week on the first week of May each year, recognising how important it is to prioritise our children’s mental health and doing everything we can to create an environment that supports it!

Around since at least 2013, CMHW reflects the growing awareness that our children need us to pay attention as they navigate a world that only grows more complex with every passing day.

To show my commitment to children’s mental health and fostering a healthy environment for my kids’ future, I’ve partnered with Children’s Mental Health Ontario to develop content throughout Children’s Mental Health Week that covers various aspects of the cause, from the families impacted by mental health issues to the people who’ve worked on the system’s front lines.

I hope we can all learn something from these stories! And don’t forget to join the #kidscantwait movement if you want to show your support—!

Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

Kim Moran | Why Children’s Mental Health MATTERS.

It's Children's Mental Health Week 2019, and I partnered with Children's Mental Health Ontario to discuss it! Kim Morans says why it MATTERS!

Irwin Elman | Let’s Not Take Mental Health for Granted!

A chat with Irwin Elman, the former Ontario Child Advocate, for Children's Mental Health Week 2019 and what we can do to support our children!

Mental Health in Thunder Bay | Toronto Isn’t Everything

In Chatting with Casey: Children's Mental Health Week #3, we chat with Patti Rantala about children's mental health in Thunder Bay!

Laurie McCann | Get a Check-Up from the Neck Up!

A fourth Children's Mental Health Week podcast, with Laurie McCann, mom, police office and anti-bullying advocate on children's mental health!