#Chronicle150 — 150 Truly Canadian Stories for its 150th Birthday — #37, Jeremy Anthony Goring, Model & Film/Television Actor

Now that I’ve got my momentum back, it’s time to revisit the #Chronicle150 — and who better to reintroduce you to the series than a powerful entry from Jeremy Anthony Goring?

I have to apologise to Jeremy for this one. I wanted to get his piece out way earlier, but one look at my to-do lists reminded me just how much I’d let slip of late. So, I took some time to get things back on track before I could properly address my personal projects. And now that the hustle game feels like it’s back where it’s supposed to be, I can take a break now and again from the business side to share some honest and truly important stories.

Jeremy’s story is truly one of redemption, seeing him rise from the lowest of lows to a life where he truly controls his destiny and forged a life worth living!

So the next time you think you’ve got it bad or lack the motivation to keep pressing on, I need you to come back and read this post. Jeremy’s story is truly inspiring—the kind I think would help so many others in need!

Do enjoy the read and I’ll see you at the next post!

–case p.

1) What does being Black Canadian mean to you?

To me being a Black Canadian means being a proud representative of my cultural roots from the West Indies while simultaneously celebrating my nationality as a Canadian. As I travel the world, I have a renewed understanding and appreciation of what being a Black Canadian is. We are international symbols of peace, humility and unity. Despite challenges and hurdles that still exist and require necessary attention, being a Black Canadian is a distinct honour and privilege, bar none.

2) What’s your experience been like as a Black Canadian and how has it shaped who you are today?

That is a very loaded question for me. I have had so many positive experiences balanced by an equal number of challenges placed on my path. My upbringing was of humble origins. My mother and father migrated to Canada from Grenada and Bermuda. I grew up in a thriving family business which eventually collapsed and resulted in the loss of all our possessions and home. Homelessness was followed by depression and then anger resulting in poor decision making. A young Black man tangled up in the legal system was an experience of a lifetime.

It was not too long after that I realised this was not the path I wanted to continue. I made a conscious effort to change my direction and implemented a plan. I was able to extricate myself out of this situation with effort, focus, hard work, persistence and God’s grace. Going forward, I turned it all around. I completed my college diploma in Law Clerk studies, retained employment at the Law Society of Upper Canada, completed a university degree part-time at night, and worked my way into Management while having full custody of my two young sons. I was able to change my life and attain a profession working with lawyers, communicating with the courts, drafting legal documents for publication, and supervising a team of law clerks, doing this for 11 years.

But it was not too long ago that I realised this was not my destined path. Yes, I was very thankful for what I was able to achieve as a Black Canadian and the opportunities this afforded me. However, I realised part of this pursuit was in an effort to prove to the world, and to myself that I was a “reformed” and “good” person. I realised how much of an impact my experiences on both sides of the justice system had on my new identity and subserviency. And so I lacked a voice, ultimately meaning I lacked an opinion. I was not living a life.

I slowly started seeking direction and guidance from above. Through necessary doors closing, it allowed the right doors to open. I have been able to turn my passion into my life, travelling the world shooting and modelling. I am a film/television actor and an international model signed in two continents.

Being a Black Canadian has been quite the experience so far. I’m looking forward to seeing how my journey continues to unfold.

3) What’s something you’d like to see more of within the Black Canadian community?

I would like to see more communication with our youth on subjects such as identity and the mind. The emphasis should be stressed on their unlimited potential to do anything. I also think more information and services should be made aware and available to Black Canadians on wealth management planning and mentorship programs. I know growing up this was never something that we would have thought about, but now realise Black Canadians can benefit from these services despite whatever financial situation they may be in.

4) What do you think those outside the Black Canadian community need to better understand to coexist with Black Canadians in a respectful and considerate way?

I think there is a major misconception about Black Canadians not being a legitimate minority. I have found myself as a quiet observer in one too many conversations/meetings where the concerns and struggles faced by Black Canadians are significantly downplayed and essentially nullified by the use of comparisons techniques to other minority groups. The question should not be about who has it worse but should focus on addressing systemic issues and challenges that Black Canadians currently face.

5) If your life could teach but one thing to your fellow Black Canadians, what would it be?

Regardless of the setbacks, disappointments, roadblocks and challenges you have and will face… keep going. Your door is waiting for you. The path that we are on is unique to ourselves. Keep believing in yourself, be determined, work hard and give it your all. God’s got you.

My name is Jeremy Anthony Goring. I am a single full-time dad for my two little men, Jayden (8) and Lahmi (6). I recently made a career switch from management with the legal regulator of Ontario to being an international model & film/television actor signed in two continents (B&M Model Management – Toronto and Twenty Model Management – Cape Town, South Africa.)

B&M Model Management — Jeremy Anthony | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Soul Reflection Article on Jeremy Anthony

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