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Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Review

Learning to Love the Scrub

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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 12:33 am

Growing up, scrubbing the toilet was the one chore that’d make me want to pull my hair out. There’s nothing glamorous about it – there’s little else in the house used explicitly to dispose of the most disgusting parts of us, and as I shared the bathroom with my two younger brothers, it was never a task I looked forward to every weekend, my trusty brown bucket filled with soapy water and an old sponge by my side.

Now, years later, as a homeowner and parent myself, I better understand why we need to keep the house as tidy as we can—with two little guys having their run of the place, their little hands and mouths can get into anything (and I mean anything), and I’d rather spend my evenings tucking them into bed safe and sound, not rushing to the hospital because they got some germs in their bodies that really shouldn’t be there.

But awareness is one thing—with less time available than ever before, I’m happy for anything that’ll save me some time without compromising on quality… and that’s where the Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Toilet Cleaning System & Refills come in to lend a hand!

What is the Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand and Why Does it MATTER?

People don’t always understand why I choose to work with some of the brands that I do—where’s the glamour in something you use to clean the filthiest part of your home? But real life? It’s not about glamour. It’s not about catered events, sponsored trips or the swag that show up in the mail—it’s all those routine things that make up who we are, setting the tone for everything else happening in our lives. Though they differ in shape and features depending on your geolocation, we all share a need to cringe when we’re forced to use a filthy one.

Now—I don’t know how often you get around to cleaning your toilets (it should be at least once a week, you filthy animals), but that there commode can get grungy. The feelings I have for visitors who leave the seat up notwithstanding, the Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand gets through tough stains, killing 99% of germs and bacteria with its disposable head refills that come preloaded with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner.

The spongy head bends and scrubs in even the hardest places to reach, like beneath the rim, where you’ll find the grossest build-up. And unlike your standard toilet brushes that sit festering in pools of stagnant, filthy water, rarely cleaned or replaced, its storage caddy’s easy to use and not an eyesore like more traditional methods. If you’re looking to improve this porcelain part of your life, you can get the cleaning system and refills for under $4 apiece, available at a number of grocery stores and big-box retailers!

The Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand, or How I Learned to Love the Scrub.

It’s said that cleanliness is next to godliness, or—for Christians like me—something we should all aspire to. In 2016, it’s not easy to do regular maintenance on our lives—as we make everything around us more convenient, it’s allowed us to just put more on our plates, making us perhaps the busiest generation known to humankind yet, and life shows no signs of slowing down. But $4 is a meagre sum to pay for a little more time in your schedule and a little less strain on the brain, so why not invest some pocket change in a better life for yourself and the seat we spend more time with than we’d probably care to admit.

Good luck to everyone with the chores in your life—if you’re looking for me, I can tell you where I won’t be: hunched over the porcelain throne like a sucker while trying to clean the grimiest spots that never see the light of day.

The Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System—learn to love the scrub!

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Disclaimer: In addition to the Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System and Refills, Clorox was kind enough to send me a HomeSense gift card to help improve my home! Which I immediately used to buy some new clothes at Winners, but that’s an entirely different story.


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