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Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 08:43 pm

Sometimes even your good friends are hard to get along with. Especially when they suck at communicating! Here’s an example from last night:

Scene: I’ve agreed to go out with Mike and our other friends for dinner at Green Mango, a Thai restaurant, at 9:30. I pick up my BlackBerry at 9:20 and see that I’ve missed two calls…


(phone convo)
Mike: Hey!
Casey: What’s so urgent that you needed to call me twice, man?
Mike: Are you there yet?
Casey: Nah, man—aren’t we meeting there for 9:30?
Mike: Yeah?
Casey: It’s only 9:20, yo.
Mike: …okay?
Casey: So the place is like, a 5 minute subway ride from here.
Mike: Where are you?
Casey: At Sarah’s, man.
Mike: Uh—Case—we’re going to the Green Mango at Royal York (a 20-minute subway ride WEST).
(Casey hangs up and prepares to run out the door)


(Casey hops into Kasia’s car)
Casey: So what’re we doing here? Why aren’t you at Green Mango?
Mike: It closes at 10. We don’t know what we’re doing yet.
Casey: DAMNIT, MIKE!!!


Scene: The group went to a pub and Mike had offered to give Casey a ride home. So off they go…
Mike: Huh. I wonder if it’ll be easier to take Bloor all the way back or go on the highway.
Casey: I dunno, man—I mean, Bloor would be kinda difficult, maybe, but the highway’s definitely out of the way…
Mike: Yeah…
Casey: By the way, why’re we going east?
Mike: Huh? I thought you were going to Sarah’s?
Casey: DUDE! You said HOME!
Mike: Oh… sorry, Case 😕
Casey: DAMNIT, MIKE!!!!

Moral of the story: Mike needs a good ol’ slap upside the damn head.

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