You read it right, folks! It’s contest time, and KKvsDmz and Take It And Go are here to HOOK IT UP! The prizes up for grabs are $20 vouchers to the East Side Mario’s by Winston Churchill & Argentia in good ol’ Mississauga (where I was born and raised — Mississauga that is, not Meadowvale), so you can get your mangia on! I know we’ve got you salivating, but it’s a contest! And what do you have to do to enter?
Good question, my friends — the victors shall be decided through the means of a CAPTION CONTEST!
So to win, you need to comment on one (or all) of the three blogs/pages here with your FUNNIEST caption for the picture attached!
Let’s note that we’re taking one entry per person PER blog, so make sure to enter on all three to increase your chances!
Here’s the one for this site:
So if you wanna win, get to the bottom of this post and drop me a line with your funniest entry 🙂 Feel free to share this with your friends, because I can’t eat all this pasta by MYSELF!!!
And if you don’t happen to win, DO NOT DESPAIR!!! There’s still a deal going on until midnight February 14th at the same East Side Mario location, where you get $20 worth of good eats, for $9!!! (80% of the proceeds go to the Mississauga Football League — that’s pretty cool!)
And if you act now, you can use the promo code TIAGTEAM1 for another $2 OFF.
$7 for $20 worth of food? How can you go wrong? But obviously, FREE is BETTER! Doesn’t cost anything to enter, so HAVE AT IT! You have until 11:59 pm of Monday, February 14th to show me what you’ve got!
This contest has been brought to you by Take It And Go, who’re awesome and trying to make the world a little better by putting more money back in your pocket — but let’s talk some more about that later!
Looking forward to your entries,
–case p.

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