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Last updated on February 12th, 2024 at 02:51 am

I’m not cool. I can admit it.

I’m not trendy, I like looking good, but won’t blow a pay cheque on fashion – I’m just a guy who’s trying to enjoy life as best he can. I’ve long since stopped trying to be “cool” – even in high school, I floated across social groups, wanting to befriend everyone and not shun anyone.

It’s possible I was never cool in the strictest sense of the word. I was always a popular kid, but not because I was an alpha male, or dating the head cheerleader or anything like that (especially since Canada doesn’t put nearly as much funding into its sports programs as America does)—but because I wanted to know people, regardless of where they come from.

But not being cool means things like not being up-to-date with what’s playing on the radio because you only listen to the same songs over and over on your iTunes. It means marathoning through Breaking Bad while doing the work you brought home so the Internet won’t spoil it for you. You’re too old to set trends, but still quicker at the Internets than many of your peers, so you do what you can.

But even though you might not be “cool”, it doesn’t mean you can’t look cool.

The Contest to Look Cool

I’ve been given the chance to give my readers a chance to win a pair of $90 Derek Cardigan sunglasses (ClearlyContacts.ca’s in-house brand) – the very same ones worn by J Rand in his “Ride” music video alongside T-Pain and Flo Rida (don’t worry—they’ll look like sunglasses when you get them!) But first, some very important questions…

Q: Who is J Rand?

A: I admit, I had to look this up. This J Rand guy is a… rapper?… from Florida.

Is this what you youngins listen to these days? Why, I remember the good ol’ days of music for me, back in good ol’ 97…

Anyway. I’m sure J Rand’s a great guy, but really, we’re here to talk sunglasses.

Q: Why should I enter?

A: Obvious answer – because free stuff is cool, and when it makes you look cool, that’s even better.

People often bemoan all the stuff I’ve won over the years (TacoTweetup had my friends jeering that we should just skip the raffle and give the prizes to me, due to my reputation*), but the simple fact’s that it’s several times easier to win things through social media than through more traditional means. So worst case scenario, I made you jump through a few hoops, but you can just carry on and live your life. Best case scenario? Free sunglasses, homey.

They’re worth $90. That’s $90 you wouldn’t have to spend.

Do the math!

*Which is exactly why I handed my raffle tickets to Sarah, since:

  • She loves the thrill of the chase and the possibility of winning (you should’ve seen her at the slot machines in the Bahamas); and
  • She seems naturally inclined to negate my uncanny luck. Everyone wins. (Except us.)

Q: What do YOU get out of this?

A: In this case, other than the eyeballs on the blog, absolutely nothing. I’ve been meaning to put a Facebook page together (largely to spare my Facebook friends from all the bloggage if that’s not their bag), but didn’t want to roll it out until I got a solid logo together. I’ll probably take another stab at it, though. But yeah, this one’s just me putting a contest out to give someone something cool. (Though I gotta say—sucks I didn’t get offered any sunglasses. I do have to go and buy some prescription ones this year. That glare while driving is fierce!)

So if you want a shot, put the necessary details in the Rafflecopter below and follow the steps for extra entries if ye so desire! I won’t spam you; spamming takes time and effort I’m not willing to put in to make a dishonest buck. Never been a fan of chancing jail time.

Good luck in being just a bit cooler,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad


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