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The 2010 20K: Day 42

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Last updated on February 22nd, 2024 at 10:08 pm

Hey all, hope your Wednesday was good!

I hope you’re enjoying the blog that’s more laid-back and pensive for the time being! I’ve been keeping myself occupied as of late with life in general, and it’s been good 😊 On top of just networking and keeping the contacts buzzing in order to build the foundation to achieve the 2010 20K, I’ve been trying to do other things like:

  • Make more time for creative pursuits
  • See friends I haven’t seen in a while
  • Commit to the weekly/biweekly things that I say I’ll do
  • Purge the excess in my life wherever possible

The hustle’s been hard, but not impossible. There’s been a lot of pro bono work too as of late—especially with the resumes, tax advice and whatnot, but maybe this is all part of a practice round to get the word out about my missions and the skills I bring to the table. I’m starting to ask my clients to refer me over to other people needing help for a nominal fee, and then I’ll just build it up as time passes. I think I have a market that I can really grow with services that cater to the economy we’re in right now.

So from the title, you can guess that I’ve been doing some thinking about the blog 😊

  • Seeing what penny stocks can do for the 2010 20K
  • Getting involved in a lot more design contests, such as the ones you see here:
  • Listening to the advice my friends give me and trying to figure out ways to make money that’re quick, fast and exciting. Oh yeah, and legal.
  • Using more of the online opportunities to get paid for blogging and networking like a madman

I came across this article in yesterday’s t.o.night newspaper—a small publication designed for the people commuting out of the city—and I thought it touched on a lot of key points of how to make your cover letter better. I use the tips below in how I go about improving the voice used in resumes and cover letters. Some would say I’m shooting myself in the foot by sharing something like this, but if no one has money, no one gets paid, right?

So yes, the hustle continues a day at a time 😊 I’ve had people make promises to donate if I do certain things, I have projects on the go and I have moves that I’ve yet to make to really start pressing forward. Thanks for the support, and I hope that:

You keep reading
You pass the blog’s link on to your friends
You help a brotha out with ideas, cash, advice or whatever if you feel so inclined.

The 2010 20K Running Total = $192.14

Peace out, homefries,

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