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Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 10:55 pm

A screen capture of Casey Palmer on CTV News' Tech Tuesday as captured by Margo MacFarlane.
Don’t let ’em see you sweat!

Life is full of happy surprises—like the time where my friend Emma dropped my name to a CTV producer, which landed me a spot on the CTV News talking tech news on a Tuesday!

To Scarberia and Beyond

It’ll take a lot to get a kid from Mississauga to step into Scarborough. To a Mississaugan, Scarborough is a place mentioned in hushed whispers at night, meant to scare young children into behaving. You might think you’re the meanest thing on the streets in the ‘Saug, but they’d eat you up for breakfast on the east side of Toronto. And even though I’d spent a little time there when I dated a Scarborough girl in my teens, I hadn’t had much reason to return since that relationship ended.

So when I got the opportunity for a CTV News appearance, it was probably about time that I made my way back east of Victoria Park Ave.


The next time I’m asked to go somewhere unfamiliar, I’ll make sure I do aerial recon on Google Maps first so I don’t end up jumping a chain-link perimeter fence in my good clothes (yes, it really happened!)

After some waiting time in the green room (I was really early…) and quick banter with host Marcia MacMillan, it was go time. We went right into it and I rambled off a number of facts from the notes I’d made earlier (note: I impressed Marcia in that I hadn’t brought any speaking notes on-stage with me—I didn’t even know it was an option).

It was over as quickly as it started, and my minutes of fame gone to the next would-be-superstar, but for a moment there, I had a lot of fun on a news set at 9 Channel Nine Court in Scarborough.

Apparently, I don’t watch enough TV

Had I known that there was more than one CTV channel, I’d have asked which one I’d appear on. Sorry to anyone I led to the wrong channel, but the clip’s right here for anyone who still wants to see it:

Looking at myself with a critical eye, I could’ve been better prepared, but it was a decent effort for the first time doing TV in a live studio!

Overall, I was very happy with the experience and all the love I received from family and friends about my performance—and even happier that they told me to keep my mind open to future opportunities in the coming weeks!

Keep your eyes peeled, everyone. This isn’t over!

Thanks for reading,

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12 replies on “CTV News Tech Tuesday | My Fifteen Minutes!”


You never cease to amaze… Congrats on your TV appearance. I think you held you own up there. Rocked it.
Did you have time to get nervous or were you all like “I got this.”?
Did they give you an idea what you’d be talking about before hand?

Give me all the dirty details!

Thanks so much, Chris 🙂

They did send me the TOPICS we’d be discussing beforehand so I could study up on them, but I had no idea of what QUESTIONS Marcia would ask me. The nervousness was there, but I more or less ignored it and focused on the content I had to deliver 🙂

Let’s just say I learned a whole LOT about the Pope and the Conclave in only a few hours’ time!

Hey just randomly dropping by during work haha, happy for you. That’s good stuff, big things happening! Keep it up!

I won’t lie — I totally had to Google that, and OMG WILL FERRELL WAS YOUNG ONCE :O

(He actually looks a little creepy as a younger guy, to be honest!)

I will now do that pose whenever I say SUPERSTAR from now on 🙂

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