Dad 2.0 | The Dad's Conference! (Featured Image)

Dad 2.0 | The Dad’s Conference!

Last updated on February 16th, 2024 at 09:34 am

Dad 2.0.

Dad 2.0, formerly known as the Dad 2.0 Summit, and which may arguably be the biggest conference for dads, is an event that’s been on my radar for a while. Ever since becoming a Dad in 2013 and getting to know fellow Canadian Dad Bloggers like Chris Read and Buzz Bishop, they kept mentioning this amazing conference that I’d have to travel a little farther than usual to attend. And it got me interested—I walked into fatherhood without many ties to other dads in the beginning, so the idea of building a crew of dads I could mesh with was always attractive, but you need to go ready to make the most of the experience if you’re crossing national borders to do it!

It’s got me out to three Dad 2.0s so far:

So Why Dad 2.0?

Despite the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to get to Dad 2.0 from Canada, and the conversion rate’s never in our favour for hotels, I go to Dad 2.0 partly for the programming and partly to explore new towns. Mostly I go to reconnect with my people who I usually only see online.

Dad 2.0’s the latest in a long series of conferences I’ve been to over the years, giving me the chance to connect with other dads in ways I rarely get to back home. Sharing that’s painfully honest. Dads willing to challenge the stereotype. For me personally, it’s led to podcast appearances, co-hosting Brothers in Booze, and just having a community of like-minded men I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

It’s a community so good, in fact, that I’d love for you to know them, too! To help you out, I’m assembling a list of the conference alumni so you can see what they have to say about fatherhood. After all, no two of our journeys are exactly the same, so you’ll probably want to check as many of them out as possible, right?

Dad 2.0 Alumni | A List That Grows with Every Passing Year!

BrandLocationInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTubeFirst Dad 2.0?
Casey Palmer, Canadian DadToronto, ON2018
Military Veteran Dad Milton, WI2019
Life in the FishbowlIndianapolis, IN2020
Sleeping on the EdgeNew York, NY2018
DadapaloozaChicago, IL2012
GayNYCDadNew York City, NY2015
Being PapaOrlando, FL2019
Coolminivandad New Milford, NJ2018
Dad Style 99Orlando, FL2020
The Rookie DadKansas City, KS2016
Daddy’s GroundedChicago, IL2014
Carter’s BBQ Cleveland , OH2016
My Captain’s LogIndianapolis , IN2013
DStan58Flint, MI2018
The Apocalypse DaddyLyon, FranceDad 2.0 Digital
Dads For The Win (DadsFTW)New York City, NY2013
An Interdisciplinary LifeBerkeley, CA2016
Howard County DaddHoward County, MD2020
Fandads Chicago , IL2016
And So It Has Come to ThisAustin, TX2012
Daddy Realness Hamilton, ON2017
City Dads GroupNew York , NY2012
Always Home and UncoolBoston , MA2012
The Art of FatherhoodNC2015