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Last updated on February 11th, 2024 at 04:29 pm

There are times when you’ll just want to barrel forward and do things, but life will hold you back. There’re things that can slow your momentum down like:

  • meetings that don’t interest you in the slightest
  • obligatory social gatherings
  • anything that upsets your emotional balance, like fights with people you care for
  • work that you’re not motivated to do

We never know why we need to do these things, but they often pop up and we can’t avoid them. They eat our time and energy up, setting us back and making it hard to regain our footing.

We’re in a constant struggle against time. Not only do we need to prioritize the things that we WANT to do in life. Not only do we need to balance our social lives and personal obligations out with our workloads at our jobs. It’s all done with time overlaps, scheduling conflicts, and the push to do way too many things all at the same time.

Sometimes we need to get away from the source of our distractions to take a breather, sort things out and rediscover our centre of balance.

That’s more or less what I’m up to this weekend, away from home, up north, at a chalet getaway provided to Sarah, myself and some friends by a real estate agent who was grateful for all the business that’s been referred to him.

When I get away, I generally like to do a couple of things—one is enjoy my time with friends, play lots of board games and just have as much fun as possible before getting back into town. The other is getting caught up on all the things I never seem to make time for when I’m at home, weekend or not.

I know why I stay up late. I know why my weekends seem to fly by so quickly—it’s all about the distractions. When your Internet connection relies on using phones as hotspots, you don’t have access to all the piles of work that you usually have around you and the only obligation you have with your time is none at all, it makes for a very different dynamic.

It’s been good. I’ve gotten the chance to:

  • Play with my iPad again, working on making some beats in Garageband
  • Worked on sorting out some of my old information in WordPress
  • Played a lot of Bejeweled on my iPod Touch
  • Learn some new games

It’s been a good time, and I look forward to many more. But I won’t forget that there’re things to do, and the more I can get done at my own pace, the better my life will be.

Here’s to the weekend. I hope you’re enjoying it!

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